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Advice needed

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Hello all! I am in need of advise. I have been looking into higher paying jobs. It was brought to my attention that the school district near me has an opening in the field that I have experience in...with excellent pay and great benefits! Plus all of the schools are 10 minutes or less from my house. I am in clerical work, and it is difficult to find a job in my general area that pays enough to live off of, or enough for me to travel far for a position.

The probelm is SS will now be a student at the same school that this opening is for. I have asked my SO what he thought, and he is encouraging me to still apply. SS and I have a decent relationship. My concern is more about the BM possibly causing issues if she found out that I worked there. I don't know if she would do anything to me or my career, I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt...but you never know. I know that I can always apply and then disclose my relationship with my SS during the interview...but is this even worth the time?

BM moves around a lot, so there is a possiblity that SS would not be at this school for long. I really do not want to pass up on this opportunity, but I will if that will keep things civil between the BM and my SO in the long run.


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I have found myself in almost the same situation as you, and like you I have passed up opportunities because I just do not want to deal with BM, which I now regret. I gave her way to much control and power in my life, and you are making choices in hopes of controlling her behavior, which you have no control over. 

It doesn't hurt to apply or interview for the position, that gives you more time to think it over and weigh the pros and cons, but if she is the only con it's a no brainer, IMO. 

Good luck :) 

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I say go for it, don't even let BM be a speck in your universe. SS will eventually graduate from the school (or like you said, possibly transfer if BM moves again) so it really shouldn't matter at all. Do what's right for you, don't worry about what BM or SS will do or think. They have zero to do with you and your job opportunities. 

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Technically he’s not your SS anyway, since you’re not married to his father. Go ahead and apply, and if BM starts causing issues once you’re working there, it’s up to management to prevent her from harassing you. Good luck!

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First of all if you aren’t a teacher what difference does it make that the kid is a student there? I see if you felt uncomfortable he was a student in your classroom. otherwise who cares

Second of all he isn’t really a stepson as you aren’t married.  I advice not to bring up on the interview that your boyfriends son goes to that school. It’s irrelevant 

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I am not really concerned with him being a student at the school. I'm mostly concerned with the BM trying to do something to me/my career if she found out that I was an employee there.