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OT. I could hit SO...Not really

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I went to bed at midnight, last night. I woke up. Tossed and turned a bit, looked over at the clock. 1 AM. I lay there wide awake, thinking WTH, I only went to bed an hour ago. I felt like I slept longer. But WHY can't I go back to sleep? I lay there for a half an hour, flipping and flopping trying to figure out why I wasn't tired. I get up, go to the washroom then go back to bed. The cat starts meowing. She usually only does this when she wants breakfast, so what's wrong with her I thought to myself?
SO: You came back to bed? I thought you would have stayed up.

Interesting study...May explain a lot about our BM's and Skids....

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An interesting study for those that have an overly entitled BM and/or skid(s).
I always told SO BM lacks humility and gratitude. Sadly skids are entering or have already entered into this cycle as well.