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BM Drops SS10 From School

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Posting an update because, well, I don't talk to anyone in my real life about this. SO got a call from the 10-year-old's school that BM dropped him. She told the school staff not to tell SS10. He rides the bus home to SO's, where he will stay the weekend, and i guess on Monday BM will enroll him in the school in her district. She just got the ex parte ruling and the hearing is early next week.

BM Took Kids But Wants To Return Them For Weekend

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So BM got the ex parte emergency custody order on the grounds that she alleges SO's house is too dangerous. But.....get this - she wants SO to have them every other weekend starting tomorrow. And the judge granted it!

If his house is so dangerous that she needs emergency custody, how can she say that he has to keep them for the weekend?! Plus, she knows that this is SO's weekend to work. Now he is trying to get his dad to stay over to watch them from Friday night to Sunday night. If he can't, guess who is the only one available. Yep, me.

Should I Contact BM’s Husband?

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So BM is slinging a lot of mud and false allegations to obtain emergency full custody of SO's 2 boys. Part of her allegations are that her home is more stable due to SO's work schedule. She is currently living with a man she claims is her husband but according to SO, they are not legally married. She has never been able to live on her own, even with child support.

BM Wins Custody of Both?

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This morning, BM got an ex parte emergency custody order for both boys. SO's lawyer is in the hospital and he is getting a new one. This BM hasn't kept the oldest in 5 years, and she only started taking the youngest 50/50 about 6 months ago. How can this happen? Will the police just show up and take them? The youngest is supposed to get off the bus at SO's house in 30 minutes and i am the only one here (this is my off day from work.) Does anyone have experience with this? 

Still Not In School

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SS16 is still not in school. SO talked to his lawyer today, who told him nothing can be done without custody papers. Supposedly the lawyer was going to try to contact BM's lawyer to see if an agreement can be worked out and she will sign SS up at the school where he lives.

Everything is Falling Apart

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My SO has had 50-50 custody on paper for 10 years. When we started dating 2 years ago, both boys, now 10 and 16, were staying at SO’s almost every day, but he was still paying BM $1000/month CS. BM would come over about every other day to visit, cook dinner for all of them (and sometimes SO’s parents), and would take the boys sometimes for a few hours or maybe a night, all at her discretion and without warning. She and SO also talked on the phone and texted multiple times every day, about trivial non-essential things. 

“Court” Fiasco

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Today SO was supposed to have his court date. Yesterday he finds out that it is actually a zoom meeting.

This morning, his lawyer texts him and says "your crazy ex wife fired her lawyer 10 minutes ago and is representing herself." My SO gets upset and says "Well, i better call her then and see what's going on and if we can work something out."

I told him that the person he needs to talk to is his lawyer and not over text, but he was determined to talk to BM about it so he texted her.