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My Kid Came Out as Trans

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I know several on here have dealt with skids who are trans, so you may have some experience. My daughter told me last night that she (who I will refer to as they from here on) is trans and plans to go forward with transitioning when they turn 18, which is in a few months. They want to start taking testosterone and have a double mastectomy, though they say they don't want "bottom surgery" for a while, maybe never. They also stated they have been going by a different name for over a year to their friends and said my son (away at college) also knows and is accepting. 

What is Normal?

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I recently posted about my SO starting to take Adderall. Now he is determined to start taking testosterone. He had his measured at the doctor and it was in the normal range, but he wants it higher and he plans to find a way to get it. All this got me thinking "why now?"

Boundaries and Betrayal?

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My SO recently changed from working nights to working days. He works in an area where it's all women, except for 2 other guys. One is the boss, and SO is nervous around him, and the other is a coworker who SO hates. That leaves only women for him to socialize with at work. I have had issues in the past with what I considered to be boundary issues/lack of professionalism with some of SO's female coworkers. Here's the latest, and this is mostly a vent.

Court Update, or Why SO is So Stressed

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My SO has been divorced from BM for 10 years. He has SS13 and SS19. About 2.5 years ago, BM filed an ex-parte motion to have emergency full custody. She alleged that SO’s home was unfit due to SO’s drinking and drug use, and SO’s daughter’s (22 at the time, with BM1) drug use. SO does drink, but only at home before bed, and does not use drugs. SDnow24 is a pot head, but did not live with SO at the time and still doesn't. After much drama and the kids being removed from SO’s home for a few weeks, the ex-parte was thrown out.

How to Address?

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I'm pissed at my SO, and I want to address it in a way that's constructive (think JRI's method of starting things with "I'm concerned about SD..." as opposed to being confrontational.)

Last weekend we took SO's mother out for a birthday dinner. She says there's a cousin's wedding tonight and she wants us to attend. SO tells her he has to work, but since she said the wedding was at 6, we could go after he got off work.

Automatic CS Review?

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My SO recently got served papers at home by a sheriff's deputy requiring him to appear in court next month for a CS review. It lists SO as "defendant" and he has to produce financial documents going back 3 years because they have reason to believe he is paying less than he should. He said his lawyer told him the state may have automatically initiated this. But, in the past 11 years, this has never happened and last year, one of the 2 kids turned 18. Does this just happen automatically or would BM have had to initiate it? USA/Louisiana. Does anyone have experience with this?

Just Fking Lost It

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As the title says, i just fking lost it on my SO. We are supposed to cook the duck for his family Christmas this evening at his parents', and we were about to go to the store and his sister calls. She lives across the country and when she talks to their mom on the phone and mom sounds sick, she overcompensates for living across the country by "diagnosing" mom and then calling all the other siblings to order them to do what she thinks is best. All over the phone.

“I don’t know sh!t about f@ck.” - Vent.

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That's my new mantra when it comes to SO and his mess (quoting the character Ruth from the show "Ozark.")

Night before last, i was cooking supper at my house and SO shows up at my doorstep with SS17 and SD22. SD22 is troubled and lives about an hour away. Apparently she took a Greyhound and showed up at his doorstep, needing $4k to fix her car and wanting to move back in, and btw can she have SO's bed while she's here. Instead of a call or text "hey, SD22 is here, is there enough food?", or any info at all, he just shows up with her.