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Tiny vent: Don't touch my &*@#$*^&()* toolbox!

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I had a small toolbox with everything I needed in it. (Literally small enough to be the equivalent of the top bin of a regular toolbox.) I brought it with me when DH and I got married. I put it an easily accessible spot. DH and all the kids took things out, didn't put them back, and put other random things in it.

I had a small freak out last summer about it when the dog got out and I couldn't repair the fence because my toolbox was empty and in all of DHs shop I couldn't find the right freaking tool to fix the fence. I went through everything and retrieved all my tools and redid my toolbox. I put it up on a shelf way out of the way in the basement. We discussed how it was mine, DH has multiples of every conceivable tool and he doesn't need mine. Even the kids were told not to touch. (And, yes, I posted a vent about it last summer.)

What did I see ten days ago? A pliers that looked like my really old pliers shoved in with the pet stuff on a shelf. I gave everyone the benefit of the doubt because its possible that DH has one, too. Went down this weekend to check out my toolbox to see if it did actually come from mine and what do I find? My hammer sitting on top of my open toolbox. And my pliers is missing. WTF?!


He used them. He didn't put them back. He said he wouldn't use my tools. He didn't even have the decency to tell me he used them and give some sort of excuse/reason.

This is why the skids don't adhere to directions/rules/requests. DH doesn't. He doesn't follow his own rules or honor promises (like not to touch my tools). And he doesn't see it! He doesn't see that he doesn't follow them. Well, that's not true. Sometimes he acknowledges that he hasn't and tries to give me some cutsie, "oops" look that's supposed to make it okay.

Don't. Touch. My. Tools.

I asked him if he could keep his hands off of them or did I need to lock them in my closet? He said he would leave them alone. We'll see. He gets one more strike.


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I don't think the hot pink would phase him, maybe covering it with fake pet barf.
But having to actually put effort into getting might do the trick.
Hm...where to put it.

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You are right. I shouldn't wait for strike three, cause I know it's gonna happen. I'll put them away.

My closet is getting full and I'm tired of the lack of respect for other people's things from DH and the skids. I will but I should not have to hide things in my own house.

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I HAD a pink tool bag that came with pink tools. All gone now. The pink bag still exist but it is crammed full of SO's crap. Nothing I can use. The funny thing is he will still ask me for stuff. "Can I use your pink hammer" No, because you lost everything. It's really frustrating. I intend on buying a new one and putting a lock on it.