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Ever get pushback legally for blocking BMs phone number?

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It came up with DHs lawyer somehow that I have BMs number blocked. She wasn't okay with that, said that I shouldn't block the number. What if there was an emergency? We need to look available.

Well, BM NEVER calls me (thank goodness, she's not as nuts as some but I don't need to be in contact with her) except for maybe once a year if she absolutely has to and usually it's texts and telling me what I'm supposed to be doing with her kids (like if DH is traveling and she's exhausted all other methods of taking care of things...cause I'm not to be trusted remember).

I see no problem with blocking her number. It's not like she's gonna know.

I know many of you block numbers. Have you ever gotten pushback on it legally? (I'm not asking about if your DH is upset about it...I figure that's usually the case...that you should get along like besties who only want all the kids to be happy 100% of the time no matter what you have to do.)


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Nope and she makes sure to point that out to DH if he even puts my name on a form as someone who could pick up a skid...though her boyfriend gets put on the forms when she does it. Note: DH puts both me and the boyfriend so it's not like he's playing a game.

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I can't answer your question on a legal basis. On a common sense basis (although we know common sense ain't that common....) are you effin' kidding me?

My husband's ex somehow has the power to control MY telephone usage? That I pay for? She wants to be able to reach me, she can buy me a phone and pray I don't run over it with my car.

Give me strength.

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The DHs lawyer knew I was considering it because DH told her. I wanted to do it during all the recent legal stuff because I didn't know if BM would contact me if she got mad.

DH I think has my ExH number but we have a totally different relationship.

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What in the holy hell? Why is it your responsibility to be "available" for her? No no and just no! Softhearted BM doesn't have my number and vice needs but she has contacted me through FB before. She was pleasant though so it was fine but if it ever becomes a problem...I will block her ass!

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Also keep in mind that if someone blocks say a cell phone number that doesn't mean that the PERSON can't call...they just can't call from that particular number. Block the bitch Smile

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Lol heck no. BM doesn't even have my number. She's asked me for it several times I just say "oh no thanks" haha drives her nuts

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I don't have BM blocked on my phone but I may as well....She only texts when it is the last resort (usually expects DH to relay info) and she NEVER EVER calls me. And on the rare occasion she does text, I never reply. Its typically just a statement and not a question so no need for response. Not even a "k" aknowledging she just text. I treat her the way she treats she doesn't exist.
Personally I can understand the lawyer saying that, he wants to make his job as easy as possible. He is going to have to explain WHY you have her blocked and he doesn't understand the reason. If you have a land line that BM can reach someone on, then by all means, keep her blocked. But if you have the kids frequently while DH is out of town, then she may have a valid complaint in the eyes of the court. Don't get me wrong..I have NO Issues with blocking BM...just telling you what they may be thinking and the reasons they want you to unblock.

Also, I have my XH on silent. So if he ever does decide to call or send me ANOTHER shitty text message, I don't get any notification.