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Do you really think BM dialed the wrong number

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DH just received a phone call from BM who was moaning and groaning in a sexual manner when he answered the phone. DH ended the call. BM called him again to tell him she is embarrassed she dialed the wrong number.

What are your thoughts? Do you really think she dialed the wrong number?


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If she has a touch screen phone it is possible. I have done that. But I never was moaning and groaning in a sexual manner... Smile

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does she normally display behavior that shows she's jealous and wants him back? if so, i would think she did it on purpose, although that is a pathetic way to try to get dh's attention. she made a fool of herself either way. if she doesn't normally act like she wants him back, she could have called the wrong person, but i'm betting it was deliberate.

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He should have replied with one sentence

" I see you haven't run out of batteries for your dildo."

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Assuming it's a touchscreen smart phone...his number would have to have been prompted already to call his number. Now, I have an iPhone that I use as an iPod to sleep to. I have yet to "accidentally" call BM (as her number is in my phone) or anyone else...ever.

Then the phone would have to be in bed/back of the car/truck bed (wherever BM was having sex) and maybe she would have to hit it with an elbow (or whatever appendage belonging to her was sticking out at the time) But even if it is a flip phone from 2007, the phone would have to be open in order to dial.

Unless she has Siri, in which case I would be afraid that she had been moaning DH's name, akin to "ooh ahh call DH's name" and if that is what happened, then BM's sex partner has more to worry about than you do.

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I am not defending BM but in my case I thought I hit one person and I hit the one next to them and that was why I said she could have hit the wrong person.

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Oh hell no! Smile Wait, what is sex? Smile

But can you imagine if she was going to get all hot and heavy with her BF or whatever and she dialed her EX that she has a shitty relationship with? LMAO

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I accidentally mixed the bacon into the vodka instead of the cookie and this is what happened

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That image just made me wretch so hard that I passed a gusty outflow wind!

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