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So Psycho's Pick-up. Was over an hour ago for the Christmas break. I'm planning on going to his parent's around 12 to see if she shows then.

But we're an hour late, and DH has not heard a single word about any of it. Kids are still at school (so far as we know I guess...) And she's mentioned NOTHING about pick-up at all.

If she doesn't bother today or tries later. She's working around my schedule now. Correct?

Just double checking....


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How sh!tty. I wish that POS would do those girls a favor and fall off the face of the earth. Instead, she continues to play How Much Can I Damage My Children?

PA, I am angry at that beeyotch. Diablo

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I'm split on this one. I'm pissed she doesn't seem to bother.... BUT, I mean late pickup goes into documentation nicely and will make SD10 happy...

She does need to do them a favor and do that... But mommy dearest is in town, so honestly I'm shocked we haven't heard anything. LOL

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It is my understanding that if the non-custodial parent is late, the custodial parent still has to have the kids available during the visitation. So even if late, it is her call on when she gets them. 

HOWEVER- no communication can change all of that. If she doesn't show within an hour of them getting home from school, it might be time to head out and go for a treat or something to get them out of the house with MIL. BM can come to you at that point. 

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Don't sweat it. Carry on as normal and let BM reach out to y'all. Let her do all the transportation too! Don't "work" with her or she'll keep pulling these stunts. 

I drive 1.5 hours to meet ex for visitation swap off. If X was a no-show wihout any explanation, I would drive the kids back and give him the option to pick them up at my home. 

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She's required to do 100% of the driving both ways by judge's order.

We weren't going to contact her. Her mom will be here at 6PM for pick-up. So 9 hours late. But whatever. Document that and move foreword. lol

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Story of my StepHell life and I’m fooking OVER Biohag’s irresponsible and lazy behavior! F00k you, you ugly hag, come get your spawn!

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Please tell me these kids aren't being forced to spend Christmas with this tweaker?

Since it's on her time all you can do is wait for her to finish being twacked out and get in touch with you for pick up.

Hugs for you and the girls this holiday season.

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Unfortunately they are. We don't get them back until 6PM on Christmas Day.... And Miss doesn't care. Does care, because GBm is spending it with her. So since mommy is paying the bills, she has to pretend to care about the girls. Correction, she has to get the girls, then force everyone else to care for them, because hey, she did her part by arranging for them to be picked up sometimes during visitation.

SD10 is a little ball of rage over this disaster. She doesn't want to go at all. Because, she "doesn't want to have to spend time with HER."

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What is going on with the latest DCF (I forgot what it is called there) investigation?? That just breaks my heart that they have to go 5 days and SD is so upset about it. Those poor girls...

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Well they never visited her house, she never showed p to the second interview. AND they decided to close the case because "no signs of neglect or abuse." But only because they didn't actually finish the investigation... 

So there you have it.

SD has already been texting me. So far so good.She's with her cousin and still hasn't seen Psycho.