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Oh BM....

The girls did NOT have Santa Christmas morning... Apparently Psycho talked to an elf and the elf told her that Santa was coming to DH and I's home and not to the cabin.... So Christmas morning they got to watch all their cousins open gifts from Santa while they had a few things from family members and "Psycho" (aka GBM. Psycho doesn't spend money on them...). When the girls told me that I sat there in disbelief for a minute, because we didnt' have them Christmas morning, we could have decided not to do Santa because SHE had them Christmas morning... Then what? A ten and five year old would sit there wondering why Santa doesn't like them??? But hey, not her problem, she wouldn't have to deal with upset kiddos.

They were BOTH excited to be home though. Ran over to us, and the second they were out of the car ran into DH's parent's house and away from the crazies. LMAO

But ehy, at least GBM got some new stuff for the girls, clothing wise, all of which I plan to send back next visitation so they have clothing and toys there. (you can tell GBM got all that stuff, anything Psycho gets them she refuses to send anywhere with them and hoards, if GBM buys it she doesn't care where it goes. I don't mind her keeping even GBM's stuff though, that gives the girls soemthing to do and wear when they have to go on visits)

SD10 texted me pretty well the whole time they were gone, upset that they might be late getting back, telling me it was boring, she wanted to be home, I told her to go have fun with her cousin and stop whining so much. LOL (She ADORES her cousin, she just didn't like that Psycho was around).

Psycho didn't even drive them up. They rode with GBM and Psycho's sister. Then I guess she mostly avoided them and then was "mad she had to leave a day early just to get them back to their dad." *eye roll*

SD5 did say something that made me worry a bit last night though. She all the sudden says "I'm keep secrets from you two..." I say "what secrets?" and she responds with. "Ummmmmm..... Oh, my stuffed dog is named Snow." The hesitation and the fact Psycho has tried to get them to keep secrets before just made it all feel a little uneasy.


But done is done, they mad eit home safe. She picked them up 9 hours late and then returned them 15 minutes early. (of course she texted DH around 10 telling him she was returning them 2 hours early.... Then didn't.... Must have decided she wanted more time with GBM or something)


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Not surprising the lack of presents, I mean she would have to cut into her drug funds to actually do anything for her kids.

The more I read about this the more Psycho reminds me of Meth Mouth. The first Christmas we had full custody of Spawn she was all worried about the tons of gifts left unopened at meth mouths.

DH reached out to the grandparents about letting her see them or setting something up to open gifts, but they flat out refused. Christams Eve night Grandhag rolls up with the TONS of Spawns gifts. DH collected them and sent her on her way.

There was a gift from her uncle, two gifts from the grandparents and a gift from a family friend...I mean yeah TONS of gifts. Nothing at all from Meth Mouth...shocker!

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Ughhhh!!! Well why should Meth Mouth provide ANYTHING for her child?

I can't say I'm totally shocked... I admit she's a bit useless as a human being, let alone as a parent. 

True, that drug money, wouldn't want to dip into that!!! Hence the lack of CS too!

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That is so sad and pathetic. I am honestly surprised that BM didn't just tell them that there was no Santa. To throw it back on y'all like this is just amazing to me. You guys get them next year for Christmas day, right? Not that I think she will still be around then, but at least they won't have 2 giant disappointments for Christmas in a row.

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It is pathetic. I was shocked she didn't too.... It still appauls me that they had to sit there while their cousins opened gifts form Santa and they had none!

We do next year! Thank goodness!!! At least we know they'll have a nice Christmas morning next year!!!

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Those poor sweet girls.  BM is such a waste of oxygen.  I really do hope she just gives up all together.

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If mommy ever stops enabling her she might. I mean her car finally died. And GBM just up and bought her a new one. That's the 5th car in under 2 years. DH and I are giving it 6 months of life.

But so long as GBM is paying her to see the girls and enabling, it likely will only fade out so far.. Needs that pay day after all.