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Update: And NOBODY lived happily ever after...

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Hello, all. It's been awhile but I have a much anticipated and predicted update on stepford sister and Prince Not So Charming. It's over.

Allow me to elaborate... As soon as they all attempted cohabitation in Prince land things took a turn for the worse. Prince's oldest daughter, who were 50/50 before said move, became 100%. Her mother refused to take her back as she "didn't feel safe with her in the house." If you remember correctly, oldest has a slew of "issues" including cutting.

In August sister and Prince took the girls on a family vacation to the mountains. While out on a hike, daughters stayed behind at the cabin. During the move, in May, sister broke her foot and was prescribed pain meds. Sister did not take the entire bottle but decided as they would be hiking a lot to take the meds as a precaution should she start to experience pain. You can all see where this is going, right? While out oldest daughter took the remaining meds along with some of sister's jewelry and clothes. :jawdrop: And then posted about it on social media.

Bio Mom saw the posts and upon their return to Prince Land the proverbial sh*t hit the fan. BM and OSD got into a huge altercation. OSD is a cutter and cut herself and attempted to OD on 20 melatonin. Apparently, she was trying to lull herself into a deep sleep. So BM threw her out after her hospital stay and Prince "had no choice" but take her in. But he refused to alter his CS agreement even though he had the kid 24/7. Claiming he didn't think he "could do it".

Naturally things went down from there. Prince refused to draw boundaries with BM or OSD. Sister was forced to put a lock on here bedroom door because of theft. Prince never addressed that. Claiming sister "misplaced" things. OSD started identifying as "trans" and changed her name. BM dropped off skid's dog at sister's and refused to take it back. OSD defied rule after rule. Prince would make her bed, allow her to skip school, made her lunch for school, did her laundry, etc. This kid is 16.

Sister would attempt to address it and Prince would dismiss because it was "his child and she didn't understand". :sick: Sister became a prisoner in her own home. She could not leave because OSD could not be trusted alone. She may "cut" or "invite friends over" without notice. Sister had enough and packed up all their belongings and sent Prince and his motley crew back to his parent's house, sans dog. }:)

I know I'm leaving some things out but you all get the gist of it. I'm attempting to help sister heal from this and make sure Prince doesn't weasel his way back in. Let's hope she can stay strong...


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And after she sold her lovely house, right?

I don't know why people don't understand how long it takes to REALLY get to know the people and dynamics in these situations. It took me four years of living with DH to finally give up my cheap apartment.

And this guy had red flags sticking out of every orifice, if I remember correctly.

I hope your sister stays strong.

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Yes, she sold her beautiful historic home and moved for him. And he failed to acknowledge that she basically turned her life upside down for him. It was all about him and his priorities, never my sister. Sad, really...

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Sad to hear this was the outcome but glad she has you to help her get it back together. AND it could be worse, it could have taken longer or she could have dived in for more abuse, at least it was short lived.

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I too have regrets about giving up my home to move in with my new husband. Trouble is I remortgaged his because of his dire financial straits (BM wiped out his bank accounts), and SS bought my home - at a bargain price of course. Sometimes it would be nice just to up and leave and go back to my home when things get unbearable, like right now. The thought of having to start again, or go to a hotel room, or just run away, makes me physically sick. However, I guess I have to keep telling myself that the little shits won't win...I hope.

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A very hard lesson to learn!! At least she jettisoned Prince and OSD though. And we hate to say "told ya so" but...

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That's how I feel as well, Thrice. I'm doing my best to be supportive and listen without bias. Which is darn near impossible given that I am jaded by the once step life. But she did say, "everything you predicted Mofo happened exactly like you said it would." Yep, it's so sad...

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Sad she sold that beautiful home.
Sad she had to go through all of this.
GLAD she never made it legal with the loser.