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OT sort of -- Update to my personal Hell with exH...

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Greetings fellow Stalkers, 

As some of the old timers here are familiar with my history I have a crazy exH.  Quite literally and certifiably crazy.  Guilty of parental kidnapping 10 years ago and absconding to Canada with our two minor children post divorce.  Diagnosed schizophrenic with paranoid delusions. Well, looney tunes just doesn't know when to quit.  He reared his head again earlier this year.  Apparently his time spent as a guest of the Federal Corrections facility didn't deter him.  

The Revolving Door or AKA My Sister...

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It seems that Prince Charming just can't quite let go... And sister lacks the metaphorical balls to do so herself. Last weekend I finally made the hour long drive to visit sister at her new home in Prince town. They had not spoken for a week due to, yet another, skid related/boundary issue. I really believed this was the nail in the coffin. Sister seemed to be done, done, done... We've all heard that before.

Update: And NOBODY lived happily ever after...

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Hello, all. It's been awhile but I have a much anticipated and predicted update on stepford sister and Prince Not So Charming. It's over.

Allow me to elaborate... As soon as they all attempted cohabitation in Prince land things took a turn for the worse. Prince's oldest daughter, who were 50/50 before said move, became 100%. Her mother refused to take her back as she "didn't feel safe with her in the house." If you remember correctly, oldest has a slew of "issues" including cutting.

Stepford Sister and the awkward dinner as told by Mofo's father...

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Last weekend my parents took sister and Prince Charming to dinner for sister's birthday. I didn't think much of it as it is a tradition with our folks. However, I was alarmed that I received a phone call from my father immediately proceeding the dinner from his car. It was after nine and I was worried something was wrong. Upon answering my father says to me, "Just wanted to make sure I wasn't in the Twilight Zone." My reply, "Nope, dad. Everything ok?" To which my father tells me he'll explain later... Oh boy.

Sister has put an offer down on a house in Prince Charming town...

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But not to worry, the house will be in her name only. *insert eye roll* Evidently, she missed the part about "community property" in the state she is moving to. Oh, and Prince isn't contributing to the down payment. That will come from the proceeds of her house's sale. But he will contribute to the mortgage.

Sister Update...

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I received a text today from her stating she received a half dozen offers on her house in two days. She accepted one and the house is now under contract. God help us... She is now looking for a "bigger house" in Prince Charming town so as to accommodate him and his mini-wives. :jawdrop: