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The Revolving Door or AKA My Sister...

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It seems that Prince Charming just can't quite let go... And sister lacks the metaphorical balls to do so herself. Last weekend I finally made the hour long drive to visit sister at her new home in Prince town. They had not spoken for a week due to, yet another, skid related/boundary issue. I really believed this was the nail in the coffin. Sister seemed to be done, done, done... We've all heard that before.

While sitting outside with sister that evening and enjoying the fire, sister makes and offhand remark about how she "wouldn't be surprised if Prince drove by to check on things." I inquired if that was a frequent thing for him to do, as they no longer lived together. She said it was a "possibility". :? Well lo and behold, he did drive by. In a very stalker-esque fashion. Not only did he message her that he was pleased to see "Princess Mofo was there to see her new house" but he also knew that my children were with me! :jawdrop: How could he have known?! :jawdrop: It was dark and the boys were inside. When she asked, he replied that he had noticed a front bedroom light was on and assumed my boys were with me. Creepy much?

This guy is beyond odd. He refuses to introduce my sister to any of his friends. He's systematically cut her off from her friends and family. She is at his mercy in a town foreign to her. He convinced her to join HIS cell phone plan, allowing him complete access to her phone records. Two days after I left he had managed to slither his way back into her good graces with wine and flowers...

I am supposed visit her again this weekend and honestly I am having reservations. Not because of her but because of him. I feel things are far, far worse then I had originally thought.


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Can you buy her a 'burner phone' that no one else has to know about?
Or will that put her too much at risk if he finds it?
...I'm thinking the latter. Sad

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I know I'm most likely overthinking, but the comment about the boys has me wondering. Could he have installed a camera somewhere in the house or outside so he can check?

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You're not overthinking. That was my gut reaction as well. It just seemed a little too suspect.

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I think we need to do a co-intervention, NoWire. I'm seriously beginning to worry. How does a successful, smart, independent, and beautiful woman turn into a pile of mush this quickly?! WTF?! No amount of d*ck would be worth this aggravation to me.

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I wouldn't be taking the kids anymore, and I'd do a sweep of the front bedroom for a camera. Creepy doesn't even begin to describe this behavior. This isn't a boyfriend; this is a full-blown stalker.

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he's gaslighted her into overdrive. her self worth has probably taken a giant hit. unfortunately.

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:jawdrop: I think he might have a wife stashed somewhere... that's the only reason why you do not introduce your girlfriend to your family and friends..

I hope your sister gets a RO against him, or maybe get a PI and investigate lol.... then to cause trouble you contact the wife accidently and tell her you are his GF and you are pregnant

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It takes on average seven attempts at leaving before a woman finally breaks free of an abusive relationship. Continue to be there for her. She needs a lifeline.

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I'm not in Australia myself but I have friends and family there. I read an article today that the Australian Council of Trade Unions estimates it costs $18K and 141 hours to leave a violent relationship.

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I spent way too many years with a... freak... that I was shamelessly (shamefully?) "in love" with.

He would somehow know things that hadn't been dicussed together or around him.

Turned out he had somehow put something on my phone that cost him $40 a month. Everything from my phone went to him by email. Texts. Emails. Fb. Calls. Everything.

I also found a voice activated tape recorder & tapes.