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BM is a moron. The youngest SD7 had her hair cut when she was here last visit, ok'd with Dad, and understood that BM would probably be upset. Poor kid had horribly split ends!!! SD says "that's ok, mom will be mad and I get grounded all the time at her house anyway." Gave her three days to really think it over (her mom refused to cut her hair because SD says mom thinks I'll look hideous). Day comes, and SD gets 3 inches taken off, all dead ends mind you so I don't think we maimed her too much! SD gets home and BM goes off on my DH, and yells profanities. A week later we get the SK's for our week and SD says she is sad b/c BM, older sister (13), and a sister's friend make fun of this poor kid and call her by MY name. Um, ok, so this stupid BM calls me a hoebag all the time then it stands to reason that this poor kid, who BM is calling by my name, now thinks she is a hoebag.

THEN I find out that the oldest SD wanted to come for a visit with Dad; this perks my suspicions....why would this hateful foulmouthed kid want to come over here? The truth is revealed when SD's tell us that she wanted to come over here to yell at ME. LOL!!! She will be allowed over here when cows fly and I poop gold!! Unfortunately we all live in the same neighborhood, ugh.

Ok, venting over.....

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Taking you completely out of it, because well, BM and oldest SD are being as*h*les...

Do they realize that by telling SD 7 that if she cuts her hair she'll "look hideous" is just giving that poor little girl horrible self esteem? And that by sticking up for herself at 7 your SD is way ahead of the game in realizing not only what she wants, but what is actually good for her? I hope that SD 13 and BM don't beat that out of the kid.

SD7 is reaching out to you by telling you those things! My prayers go out to her and to you... to stay strong and keep your bond going. BM is a sick woman and needs help. I hope that your DH can tell BM that what she is doing is wrong and that if she keeps it up he will take her to court (just a threat!!)

As far as SD 13.... it's time for your Dh to give her a mental spanking!!!

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Yes Stick, they are totally being a**h*les. I told DH that I am so done dealing with these psychotic people, so, as soon as we can we are moving far away. For the past four years BM has told her kids lies and feeds them negativity on a daily basis. It's hard to compete such insanity.

Differentiating between truth and insanity is becoming a new craft for SD 7 and SD 10. We've taken BM to court before, however AZ is a pro-mother state. When BM sounds so much like a victim the judge has difficulty seeing the truth that DH is telling. My SD's know that DH and I will always be there for them, I hope that with time they can find bravery in their hearts and move towards the positive influences in their lives.