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Stepford Sister is drinking the Kool-Aid...

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So in an effort to coordinate a holiday get together I phoned Stepford Sister yesterday. I, personally, had not heard from her in over two weeks and neither have my parents. No calls, texts or emails. For all we knew she was dead in a ditch somewhere, but I digress...

Turns out Easter is the last thing on her mind as she cannot find a suitable home in Charming town and Prince is getting very frustrated with her. She is being forced to renegotiate her sellers contract as she has no where to go, other than move in with Prince and his parents, or possibly lose her current buyer.

Prince is beside himself that she is unable to settle on a home. Evidently, Prince has NEVER owned a home... At 55 years old this man has never owned a home, always rented. :jawdrop: She told me everything in her price range is an absolute dump that would require serious overhaul and Prince is not "handy like that." Apparently, homes in Prince town don't age well due to the extreme heat and clay soil. And she does not want to settle for some cookie cutter suburban home. She wanted a place more on the historic side.

She lamented how much she loves her home and by all accounts it's adorable. It's well suited for her, has been renovated and is in a fantastic locale. Think two blocks walking distance to a hip main drag. And that since she works from home, she does not want to be trapped in a home she knows would make here miserable.

But, then she changed track. She feels so bad about disappointing the mini-wives. It's such a hardship that the mini-wives have to stay at Prince's parents house during visitation. I mean, my god, they both have to sleep on futons in the two guest rooms. They can't play their music loud. And aren't comfortable bringing their friends over. *cry me a river*

The mini-wives have been accompanying them on ALL of the house showings and giving their opinions readily. She's overwhelmed by how wonderful their opinions are. If they house isn't going to be a good fit for THEM they vocalize it without fear of reproach because they are such "strong, independent girls". Not close enough to friends, the bedrooms aren't big enough, they don't like the colors, etc. And she can't wait to be a part of their lives. She is going to be the "hippest stepmom ever because she treats them with respect and equality and it will bring them all cloer."*insert eye roll here* Mind you this is a woman with no child rearing experience.

So as I continued to listen to this word vomit, she goes on to say she's just going have to settle because she can't let Prince and his mini-wives down any longer. Prince has to commute 45 minutes to see Stepford Sister and it "just isn't fair to him." After all she's the one who works from home and should "bear the brunt of the compromise here." In other words, bend over and take it up the a$$ for Prince and the minis. Screw your life, Sister or your needs and dreams. You've found a MAN now... And we all know that a MAN solves all your problems. Jesus, I feel like the phone conversation alone with her set back the Women's Rights Movement 30 years! Is it too early to start drinking?


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Anotherstep, I am perfectly prepared for that exact scenario to play out. I know this woman. She can only tolerate this level of control/subservience for so long. And in my opinion, a year with someone is much too short to rearrange your life and finances for. But she won't hear it. Not from anyone. She's just like Ann... Bless her heart. My sister also found a deadbeat user to leech off her.

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Oh my gosh, she is going to so regret this. Give her a year and she will be joining Step Talk. I need a drink too.

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Minis are 13 and 16. So if she just held out a few years it would work out fine, but Prince won't hear of it. He wants to start their time as a family NOW. In other words, he wants to move out of his parents place and he can't without her $$$$.

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I need a drink. Didn't have one last night.

Any possibility she and Ann are related? Or is Prince related to Hot Tom?? Crikey!

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Right?! The similarities are scary. How do perfectly independent, capable women fall for this sh*t? I don't get it. What is he bringing to the relationship other than baggage?

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I was brainwashed by my first husband. However, I was 18 when we met (he was 20), neither of us had ever been married, and there were no skids. He was just an abusive, controlling, psych nut job.

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No, she's been married and divorced twice and in another long term relationship for over 8 years. This was her first venture into the dating world after a five year hiatus.

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" I don't get it. What is he bringing to the relationship other than baggage?"

Maybe that thing between his legs has her under a spell??!! Biggrin

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He has a job working security but he doesn't make much as he is still paying back student loans... At 55! Which doesn't add up to me. And it's never been disclosed to me how much he is paying in CS. I'm guessing a heavy amount if he's been reduced to living in his parents home.

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Hey, I live at my parent's house and I am 53. Granted.... it is only periodically when we are between assignments but.... I am the old fart son who lives upstairs with his wife. Wink

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Lol... I like all of the responses. Thanks.

My wife accuses me of not wanting to move out because of my mother's cooking. She has been giving me crap about this since the early 00s when we sold our first house and bought another and I refused to move until after the holidays.

We sold the first house in September and our new house was being finished. We closed on the new one the week before Thanksgiving. I had packed and moved all of our crap from the first house to storage and had no desire to do it again during the holiday season so we lived upstairs at my parents until after New Years and then I hired a company to load our crap out of storage and move and unpack it all in the new house.

Every year my wife grouses at me about not letting her enjoy those holidays in her new house. Biggrin It has been nearly 17yrs.

She never forgets. Wink

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I think you need to go over and put smelling salts under your sister's nose and wake her the hell up.

This is so sad. Her house sounds adorable and it would take more than a golden d!ck for me to give that up.

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I'm in total agreement with you. It's a fantastic house. Think Tudor revival in a historic neighborhood within walking distance of a small businesses like shops, eateries, and a wine bar. So sad... Sad

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Oh this makes my stomach ache. I swear I have PTSD from Step Hell. I too sold my lovely home which my BS and I lived in to move closer to DH and his little cherubs. Granted, DH was 1 1/2 hours away not 45 minutes. And here I am 5 years later wishing I had my old house back.
Although I love my new home, it is way too big and since the SS's never come over anymore (they were PAS'd out just shortly after I relocated here). I was at least smart enough to keep my home in MY name only and purchased it before marriage so I have that security. I hope your sister is smart enough to do the same.

I predict such a miserable sad future for your sister. Ughhh....I can only hope the house hunt takes longer still so maybe her man will start to show his true colors.

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That is my hope too. I almost jumped for joy when she said she had to renegotiate her sellers contract and may lose the buyer. Good, I thought, this will buy her more time. But I am convinced it won't help. Unless Prince does something unspeakable, she'll stick it out.

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Oh dear lord please let nothing be good enough for those mini-wives!!!! The longer the "angels" take find their perfect rooms the more time your sister has to detox from the kool-aid!

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Is there any way you can send her the link to Steptalk or print out some stories from here and wake her up?

She will be here soon anyway.

I can't remember the posters name who married a man that lived a distance from her home. He refuses to sell his house because he was still working on it, she would commute there on weekends or he would visit her house. Last I heard sounds like it was not going to work out.
He had daughters too. At least did not live with his parents.

Sister needs to slow down. Get a puppy. Lots of love. Less hassle. House training a pup is easier than step hell.

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Sounds to me like Stepford Sister is lonely and doesn't know her own value.

You can't do anything about Prince and mini-wives but as her sister, you can sure as hell do something about her self-esteem. Also, if her partner is 55, I'd imagine she's somewhere in the realm (given you didn't mention that he's too old for her so this is assumption based) which means she may be fearful this is her only chance to "quasi parent".

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"She's overwhelmed by how wonderful their opinions are."

De ja vu!! I remember Chef insisting that his brats come along while we were house shopping for their opinions at the ripe old ages of 9, 7 and 3. Needless to say I was mortified. My parents NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER asked my sister and I "where we'd like to live" and "what place we'd like to get." Period.DOT. That was a decision GROWNUPS make.

I will say that unlike Prince "Charming," Chef is EXTREMELY handy!!