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Update to -- BM is dating!!

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Back story:

BM has always made a huge production in front of anyone who would listen that she couldn't ever date again. She wrote an email to me shortly after learning that I existed and admitted she wasn't over DH, he was the only man she had ever been with. Ugh. She told DH she couldn't date because their daughter didn't want her to, she didn't have time, blah, blah. Recently, she told MIL that she had in fact been on a few dates but no one wanted a second date because they couldn't deal with her drama. Bwahahahaha!!!

So now she is supposedly seeing someone and it's "serious". They see each other one night a week every other week. Wow. Super serious. *insert eyeroll*

Over the weekend, the skids made fun of this guy so viciously that DH and I got a little curious. We did the previously unthinkable: we stalked a little on FB. His profile is public so whatever.

It was so worth it. Every single post this guy has ever made has been about his two little mini-wives!!! I'm serious. He found a way to tie them into EVERYTHING: post an inspirational you tube video about a random act of kindness and says "I only hope I could have done the same if I were in that position. I know my girls would have." Stuff like that. Every single photo had him with one or both of his mini-wives and some had.....get of him, the mini-wives, and THE EX-WIFE all posing at various events still playing happy family. For the sake of the precious princesses, I'm sure.

BM is about to get smacked in the face so hard by that little thing called KARMA. I've got the popcorn.


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I forgot to add, all of those "adorable" profile pics, cover pics, mobile uploads of him and the princesses had 30+ "likes". All from women. Comments galore, all from women. "Awww. So precious", "you are such a good dad to your girls".

This guy seems to only have female FB friends. lol.

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Not all women are bothered by stuff like that. If it does bother her, she may be the type to walk away rather then with the craziness.

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She's a "put the needs of the kids first, always, and unquestioningly" type of woman. I doubt the mini-wives will bother first. Haha. I don't know if any partner, kid-centric or not, can survive that kind of dynamic long-term. It's one of the many reasons DH left her. She kind of treats her kids like they are her life-partners.

And regarding the women FB friends. Yeah, I don't know how long she's going to keep her mouth shut about that one. Hopefully she learned a lesson and grew up a little bit. When she and DH were married, she made him de-friend every woman she didn't know personally. She also made him go to counseling over it because even after the mass de-friending, she was still jealous and suspicious of every single one of his online activities. The counselor told her she was over reacting and she should probably just learn to chill about that.

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Huge red flags...(the fact that he's friendly with his ex doesn't bother me). The incessant posting of pictures of one's children bothers me for many reasons.

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Eh. As much as I would love to watch this train wreck play out, I'm terrified that the skids will want to live with us because of it.

They don't like me (the feeling is mutual) but they can never accuse me of overstepping boundaries or acting like a "mom" to them. I told them from the beginning, they already have a mom. I'm not it.

I wouldn't put it past BM and possibly this guy (if you can read anything into his personality from his FB profile) to try to force a family on all the kids. BM is already including hints of this in her alienation techniques "I'm having to make sure the kids have positive male role models in their lives since you left us". "The kids need a dad, and you just abandoned us". Notice the excessive use of the word "us". DH has been battling this for a long time now, trying to convince the kids that he never abandoned THEM. He did not divorce THEM.

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Ha! She has no idea what child support really is and how it is calculated. Her and DH came to their own agreement (he agreed to pay her ransom) outside of the state guidelines. He is currently paying way more than he should.

I think she would get the shock of her life if she "allowed" the kids to decide where they wanted to live and she had to end up paying. In her warped, tiny world, men take care of women. He owes her for life since she bore his children. She has actually said those things to him.

I don't really know if she is so dumb that she doesn't know that the support guidelines exist, I just think she is under the delusion that they don't apply to her.

I would never let a skid near my home more often than EOWE without a new custody agreement that includes CS modification.