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Can you all do me a favor?

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Any of you that can, could you please go to my Facebook page and "like" it to help me spread the word about Mini-Wife Syndrome and my books? I would appreciate it and I would love to post stories about other mini-wives on the page. Thanks!


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Not that I can think of right now but I appreciate your willingness so much:) I am just trying to get the word out. It's very hard to get a start on Facebook when you have to hide your identity Dirol Thanks anyway!

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Thank you! I am considering "outing" myself too but don't know how DH would take it lol.

I am used to being anonymous since my "other" genre is controversial Dirol (or at least was before Fifty Shades...) so it doesn't bother me too much. Just wish I could remember how I got my following under my other pen name.

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Ooooo...sorry. I haven't done that yet Sad . Procrastination. I will try to get it up on Nook this weekend. They're not too hard to work with. Thank you for liking my page! Y'all are awesome!

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liked Smile