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I'm getting a "weird" vibe from dh...

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You ever get the feeling someone is hiding something from you but you cant be sure what? I'm getting that this week from dh. I know he's in a rough place with the conflict regarding his family attending evil stink wagon bm's wedding but he's been getting progressively sulkier all week...leading up to big wedding day tomorrow. I shutter to think he is in mourning over horseface getting hitched again but I can't shake it. Something's totally off. It's not me. Kids sensing it too. Preparing for Defcon 5 now...


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Uh oh, that doesn't sound good. Maybe wait till he's alone and relaxed and ask him "Hey honey, seems like something is weighing heavily on your to talk about it?"

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Tried that, Red. He just shrugged me off but I can tell. I think I need to disengage from my marriage too. :?

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Sorry sweetie. All you can do is let him know you're there for him in case he needs to talk.


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Hmm... Ive become a big believer in trusing your intuition or 'gut'. If you are sensing something is "off" then it may be. Sadly my DH was kinda weird acting, to everyone, the weekend BM got remarried. Boy did I hate that!!!! Him & I got married about 6 mos before she did. I was reading waaay too much into it & had myself all worked up about it. My best advice would be to try to diffuse the situation with laughter!!! Always works with my DH. Otherwise, go about your daily life & after shes all re-hitched try to talk with him about his moodiness or whatnot & also be honest about how it made you feel.

Hang in there!!! ((HUGS)) to you!

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Hopefully this will pass. Has he been overly attached to BM in the past. Does he make up excuses to talk with her or volunteer to mow her lawn or something? Does he refer to BM a little too often? If not then hopefully this is temporary.

When my ex-bf got married I was pissed but not because I wanted him back. He made it clear he did not want to marry me, and thank God he did. My life would have been hell with him and his spawns. After we broke up, about 8 months later he married another woman. I was already with my current SO, but when I found out ex got married, I felt insulted. How dare he think I'm not good enough to marry because he's such a freaking loser. It was an ego thing for me.. And plus I think he wants to lock a woman into marriage so they can't run away so easily. He knows how much it sucks to live with his kids.

I was totally shocked and embarrassed by my feelings. They seemed totally irrational, especially since I had SO. I was honest with SO and told him how I felt, and tried to make it clear that it did not change my feelings for him. He understood a little because his first ex got mad when he married soon after the divorce. I'm over it now, and feel sorry for ex-bf's wife who will either be a maid or have to live in filth.

It wouldn't surprise me if your DH was upset about BM getting married, especially if his own family is betraying him by attending her wedding. I know, they need to stay nice to BM to get access to Grandkids maybe. But unless he has previously acted overly attached to BM, I would wait this one out and see if he bounces back.

But it does suck, and is also not respectful of your position in his life.

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When I found out my EX had a girlfriend and that she was really nice I felt a little betrayed.

Not because I wanted the EX back but just that he could find someone else and that she was actually a decent person. I just figured that he would never find anyone as good as me. Smile

Now I just feel sorry for her.