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Do you secretly wish your dh/so/bf would just leave?

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I've been lurking lately, not posting much, as my day-to-day drama is certainly boring all of you step-talkers by now. But I have a question. Do you secretly ever wish your dh/so/bf would just leave? I sometimes fantasize about that. I grow weary of being told how "needed and loved" I am simply to have the proof evaporate into thin air whenever bm/skid/in-law rocks the boat. I believe it would almost be an enormous relief. The pressure would dissipate. The stench of unrequited love would clear out and the fog of betrayl would be lifted. So I ask you, do you ever wish, even secretly in the depths of your soul, HE would just leave?


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I miss you MoFO!!!!

I never have wished it for DH, but definitely stepdevil14. I got my wish though! She lives with BM now full time and I don't have to see her anymore. WOOOOO

I'm sorry you're in this place in your life. I wish it were better. Luv you girl! Hang in there and realize that YOUR happiness should matter the most.

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Thanks, Red. I think BM and MIL are going to get what they want ultimately. . .which is to get rid of me. But screw it. At least I have the wisdom this experience has given me. And the next time I meet a man I will insist he is a widower. Wink

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It doesn't matter what makes them happy. It's about YOU. Fuck them. They don't deserve a minute of your concern or time.

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I love DH but there are days when I wish he would find someone nicer than me and move on with a happy life.

However, he's not the cheating kind of man. Jerk. Blum 3

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"However, he's not the cheating kind of man. Jerk." Epic!! Love it!!

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He doesn't need a paramour when he has his mini-wife. It's so cute to watch him text her and then wait for her responses. :sick:

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Crap! I really wish this blog had a "like" or "thumbs up" that I could add to your comments!! Blum 3

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(((HUGS))) MoFo I miss reading your blogs but you can't bore me..I'm to easily entertained for that to happen! I don't think about DH leaving accept during the few times that I'm feeling in demand for sex especially when turned off with Skid{s} being here. But I do enjoy DH company the most when no Skids are around, he seems more relaxed then.

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I just wish SD6 never existed! And Sometimes I wish she would cross the line with me so I could BAN her from my premises. I was thinking today about when SD6 is a teen and I have to hide my nice things and lock my bedroom door. What will I do when I can't leave my cash in the kitchen cupboard. How will I react when she steals from me for the first time? What will I do? What will DH do? Nothing?

I will raise hell!

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I don't want DH to leave. But I am just waiting for stupid pathetic alcoholic SS27 to cross the line so I do not EVER have to speak to him again.

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No, I don't ever wish that my husband would leave me. I do, however, wish that BM would kidnap SS and take him to one of the countries where kids who are kidnapped and taken there can't be retrieved by the U.S. government! }:)

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My DH is like that too. He knows just where to stick that knife and then he twists it.

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If you've reached the point where you wish/want him yo leave, why nit just walk away yourself?

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If you've reached the point where you wish/want him yo leave, why not just walk away yourself?

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Secretly, yes.. there are times when I wish DH would just leave.. but ONLY so that I don't have to see/hear/deal with skids anymore.. not because I don't want to deal with HIM anymore. I truly love DH.. he is a great man, he is so good to me and my boys, and he loves me so intensely.. I don't know that I could ever find another man that would treat me the way DH does. However, I've always been a 'loner' type.. I don't necessarily WANT to be alone, but there are times I miss being unattached/unmarried because life is just so much easier.

Then I read bulletproof's response to this question.. and that's my answer too! So - no, I don't really wish DH would leave.. but go on, BM.. go on and snatch up those skids and go!! I will even buy the tickets for you!!!!!!! Gosh that makes me feel really evil.. but I am learning to just say what I'm feeling and be honest.. something I've had a very hard time doing most of my life, for fear of hurting anyone's feelings.

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Yes, yes and yes. I have been through so much arguing and struggling largely due to my husband's extreme loyalty to his bio family including extended relatives and my SS. I have filed for divorce twice, but each time I have let him talk me into staying, and now we have two kids together and we are a pretty happy family, DH, my bio daughter and our two bio daughters together. Still, the magic is mostly gone, but I care too much for him and the kids to break up the family. The only issue now is SS15 trying to wheedle his way back into our lives now that DH has a decent job, kid only cares about money, just like his mother.