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Update I think I know why BM is so salty

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BM in all of her many many paragraphs to DH only asking when he can call SD this weekend, BM said "I'd rather that than cps every 6 months and years of therapist." ... We called CPS on you once, almost 2 years ago now. If someone is calling CPS on you "every 6 months" it isn't us...

But BM must think it is us and that is why she is so angry and nasty right now.


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Can you contact CPS to see if there are any active investigations in the household? I would have serious concerns if CPS is really showing up all the time. I wonder if a teacher is calling...

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There is a request form that can be filled out by mail to request a CPS history check. Just got off the phone with child services and they will mail the number of request forms for the number of cases there are. So it is either the school or the therapist would be my guess! We definitely have concerns about that comment. 

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I would think that if CPS got involved they would be almost mandated to at least inform the other bio parent.. 

I would contact them to check.. if they haven't.. she is just exagerating.


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mean we can't get copies of those reports because DH is not the sister's biological parent unless the person who called did not know that and named him as the father... So that would make it even more complicated.

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So in our case CPS never contacted DH to let him know that there was an ongoing investigation of SA against soon to be second ex in regards to Spawn.  The only reason DH found out was because second ex showed up at our house telling DH none of the allegations were true, we had no clue what he was talking about.  When DH contacted CPS and asked why as the custodial parent he was not notified they said if he wanted to know more about it he could drive to next town over to see the open case but it would be heavily redacted, they never gave him a straight answer of why he was not notified.

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CPS doesn't do that. SO got a visit due to some things SS13 said to the bus driver a few years back. He was nervous that BM would find out. She didn't. Believe me, she would have used it if she had it. 

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The other parent unless that parent is the one that made the call to CPS, even then it was a fiasco tracking down information when DH did make the report that one time 

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Is only one form - that's the complaint you guys filed but if more than one form - Houston we have a problem? If I'm understanding that correctly.

it coukd just be she is pissed about the one and exaggerating - I kind of hope so - cause multiple reports would def have me worried AF. 

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and you need to file for the state which the report was in, so if we even get one form in the mail then someone made a report that was not us. When we called it was almost 2 years ago, so I don't think she is still pissed about that.

Uh, YEAH! Multiple reports is 100% concerning, so we shall see what we get in the mail next week.

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I personally think someone (either the school or therapist) called and BM thinks it's you guys since you called that one other time, which is why she is ramping up. And she thinks denying SD from communicating with DH will prevent any further issues of allegations. It doesn't make sense to have BM be this paranoid and aggressive if something wasn't happening at home. 

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has said stuff to us, she went on panic mode, which maybe in her mind solidified it was us that called CPS. We really didn't though, we just shared the information with the therapist.

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Lets keep secrets from parents.  Put the well being of kids in the hands of the marginally employable who are over worked and under qualified.


It is nothing but a money grab to employ people who otherwise would struggle to support themselves.

We presented hours of testimony from LEOs, certified foster parents, eyewitnesses, etc... to the Spermidiots neglect and abuse of SS when SS was an infant and of Spermidiot's serial statutory rape history to show none of the SpermClan had any business anywhere near children.... 

The judge summarized that with "I hope everyone feels better. Now I am going to do what I always do." No indication of consideration to the facts, witnesses, neglect, abuse, or anything else.

Then..... when ruling nearly entirely in our favor the robed moron on the bench shredded the Spermidiot for his gangbanger look in court, then, closed with "Any child would be blessed to have the love and support of this wonderful family."


Which is it moron?  Reality based on facts, or fantasy so you can feel like you are not being mean to the people who might vote for you?  People who have to snake votes to keep their job have no business being in a position of authority over the lives of anyone.  People who are not highly trained have no business in positions that can ruin the lives of quality people.

IMHO of course.