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Tonsil Update

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So you know how BM has been saying that DH is stopping SD from having a better quality of life by not automatically just agreeing for SD to get her tonsils removed? It has been 2 weeks since SD's latest appointment and BM has not:

1. Uploaded the paperwork still from 9/13/21 appointment

2. Uploaded or messaged about the results of the environmental allergy tests

3. Sent any other messages with photos or anything on SD's tonsils

4. Sent information on SD's October appointment, just mentioned 2 weeks ago that SD has one


So today DH messaged BM asking for the paperwork to be uploaded, asked if the environmental allergy results are in and if so to upload the results, and asked about the information on the date, time, and doctor for SD's October Appointment. BM messages back just that she was going to follow up to see if the results for the allergy test are in yet. So either BM is lying and doesn't have the information or she is not following up on this life threatening condition BM is saying SD is suffering from. 

OH and DH re-asked BM if she said SD has missed 2 days of school due to her tonsils and are waiting for her response. DH called the school and verified other than missing school for the 9/13/21 appointment, SD has NOT been absent at all from school. DH re-asked because BM is not the most intelligent and the way she worded the message she was either saying SD has missed school or will miss 2 days of school if DH does not agree to the surgery. 

DH is planning on contacting the doctor tomorrow from the last appointment if by end of today BM has not uploaded the documents. So nothing more than more frustration to repeat. DH backed off for 2 weeks on the subject giving BM an opportunity to share the information she is supposed to and surprise, surprise, she did none of it.


**EDIT: BM is claiming SD missed 4 days of school, but according to her teacher on 9/14/21, SD has only missed 9/13/21. Guess DH is going to have to call the school again.


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Okay, this is sounding more shady to me all the time. Every allergy test (and there have been many) my SDs and DD have had - we got the results of skin tests literally during the course of the appointment. Blood tests have taken, at the most, 3 business days to get results. If it's taken longer than that, BM needs to find a new allergist. Geez.

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Came here to say this. Just had allergy blood tests done. Doctor said it could take a week, it took 3-5 days.  Skin tests you find out when your skin erupts with itchy welts and they tell you which allergens it was. 

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ENT specialist he did say it was going to take a couple days for the lab tests to come back so I buy it took a couple days because the doctor said so himself, but now more than 2 weeks and still no results? I don't believe it. ESPECIALLY after she finally uploaded the dairy, seafood, and nut allergy test results, she threw herself under the bus showing she got the results of the tests 2 weeks before she told DH they were negative after he asked several times.

BM is also now saying SD missed school the 15th - 20th which is interesting it is the day after DH called. Yet again, no message from BM, no doctors paperwork, no nothing. For someone who wants SD to get this surgery you would think she would be uploading this info and sending messages to prove SD needs it. Instead of hiding things.

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very true

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Why not just ask her straight up whether she intends to sell the child's organs because the way she's been avoiding being upfront (like someone who has nothing to hide would be) makes you (your dh of course) fear the worst . Smile

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She's maybe starting small so as not to raise suspicions ...

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talking about being suspicious, I am about to post another blog on the topic