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Switching Spring and Fall Break

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DH asked BM to consider switching this year's spring break (which DH gets every year) with fall break (upcoming in October 2024). The main reason for this request was because the day SD would fly back would be Easter and we did not want SD to fly on a holiday instead of spending it with family. So that means unless we requested BM to take SD to the airport after school on the Friday kicking off spring break, then we would only have SD for one weekend day. We all know how SD has missed so many flights so it would be highly unlikely SD would make the Friday flight. Plus we don't want SD to be at school all day, rush to the airport, then fly here to be in the car for at least 1.75 hours to get to our house from the airport. So SD would fly Saturday evening to us, get Sunday, it be the work week, and then back to the airport Saturday morning. BM's family is also very big into Easter and since SD goes back to school on Monday, she couldn't spend Easter with us. 

Took BM a week to consider it, but she finally agreed to the change. Of course BM had to add in there how she is such a martyr to agree to the change, etc. but if it didn't benefit BM or it was really something that BM wouldn't want to switch, she wouldn't of agreed to it at all.

The bright news now is that we aren't telling SD about me being pregnant until we pick her up at the airport in June for the summer and the baby is due in August. So that gives us many months of peace and quiet without BM knowing plus now we will take SD and the baby to see my family during fall break. Plus SD then doesn't have to wait from summer to spring break to meet her sibling, the due date is after SD is supposed to go back to BMs already.


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Normally I am not a fan of asking for switchies---but this, WAS  a GREAT idea.

Glad it worked out.


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Though effectively the SpermClan had 7wks of visitation per year (5Wks summer, 1Wk winter, 1Wk spring) they also had a 10 day Fall visitation though in those days, there was no Fall break.  The caveat of the CO regarding Fall visitation, it had to be in SS's area of residence and he could not miss school. So, the SpermClan being what they are, never once took their Fall visitation.  They did try to cry their way into rolling the 10day Fall visitation onto their 5Wks summer. Nope, you don't get off of your lazy asses and visit SS in his real life, you don't get more time to pollute him with your crap in the Summer.

You used the switch brilliantly to do what is best for you, and SD.  LIkely  BM thinks she put one over on you.  Let her think that if that is what is in her mind.

Congratulations on the baby.  Enjoy your 2024.