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SD Tutoring Update

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After reading over the suggestions on my blog post about Kumon vs Sylvan, I took the advice and joined some mom groups in my area and posted about looking for a tutor. We also looked at as well. The reasoning we were thinking of one of the programs vs. a private tutor was because wanting records, assessments, etc. to document well where SD was at the beginning of summer and at the end. The good news is we have a meeting with a private tutor on Monday who has a masters in education, has been a kindergarten teacher, and now currently owns and operates her own preschool. She is a bit more expensive than the others programs, however it is for 2 days a week for 2 hours each when Kumon and Sylvan would be A LOT more if we did 2 hours twice a week. Plus this will be 1 on 1 tutoring which is what SD really needs. Even on the report cards it reflects how SD does much better with 1 on 1 than in a group.

So thank you for those suggestions and input. My husband and/or I would tutor SD ourselves, but we really wanted someone who is accredited so SD gets the best help she can and also if for any reason schooling or summer, etc. came into court we have documented proof we enrolled SD in a tutor the entire time she was with us. I was hesitant to post on the mom pages because I have heard how it can be rough posting as a SM on there so I was careful on my wording, but got only positive feedback so that was cool.


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That's great news. I think you'll get much better results using an individual AND she'll be able to give you a more personalized comprehensive summary of progress made, what needs to be worked on, etc that will be valuable to SDs teachers next year.

P.S. I've actually found the reception to stepmoms in my local mom group to be pretty warm. It's the mom groups that are not for a designated city or neighborhood where I've seen things get nasty. People are nicer if they think they might run into you at the grocery store. :) 

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I think you guys made a perfect choice! Hopefully this really helps SD!

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I really hope so!