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To say in regards to flight information

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The night SD missed her flight, BM told us on the phone that we needed to add her information to SD's flights so she can get the flight information. DH told her that we cannot add her prior to SD getting on the plane as it is on our account and would share personal information. Afterwards, DH messaged explaining how BM could download the Alaska Airlines app, add SD's flight using the flight number and be able to track her flight beforehand without having to keep pulling it up on the website. BM responded with "the itinerary should not show a holder's private information to the shared party. Only arrival and departure flight number. It would be beneficial for both parties not requiring inconvenient communication on either end. Also updates to the parties timezone correctly."

DH and I both did some digging together, we cannot add BM's contact information when booking a flight, only gives room for 1 person's information and after the flight is booked, we cannot add her then either. All we can do is add her to our account in general to add an additional email or phone numnber which obviously we are not going to do. SD also has a mileage number and since she is under 13, she cannot have an online account so she is tied to our household account. We are going to use the miles to get discounted fare when we can. Also, everything BM requested in that message she was already provided with. Everytime we added the flight to the calendar, typically months if not weeks ahead, we upload a screenshot of the flight info to that calendar entry, plus provide the flight number in the memo even though the image shows it too. We cannot forward her our email of confirmation either because it has what we paid, our card, etc. on that email too. There isn't an email that we get that confirms it without disclosing personal info. BM also tried to say she didn't even know what airline SD was flying on because she never clicked the picture just looked at the bare minimum of info. 

This is what DH and I came up with to respond to BM the day before or the day SD flies back to BM:

"In regards to your request to add your information to SD’s flights, I simply cannot do that. When I book the flight there is only space to put one persons contact info and that is ours as it is our account, there isn’t a way to add an additional person or info. As for the itinerary you requested if you would look at every calendar entry regarding SD’s flights and click on the event and scroll to the bottom of the information there is a screenshot of the flight number and all the flight details. This has been done for each and every flight since SD has been flying to me. I cannot pick the time zone when I add flights to the calendar, nor would I be able to see that it auto adjusts to your time zone as I am in an entirely different time zone at all times. Moving forward I will add the word Alaska in front of the flight number when adding to the calendar, but all of that information has been provided each and every time weeks if not months in advance with all of the information you would need. I already included the screenshot of her flights for June and July. I will add the word Alaska in front of the already provided flight number, but SD will always be flying Alaska for her visits here."


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I would say that your response is too wordy. It will lead to more conflict. Make BM do the work, don't spoonfeed it to her. Also, you don't need to justify your actions. I would send something along the lines of:

"BM, as I have already discussed, I cannot add you as a user on our airline account since our account maintains personal information including payment information, credit card numbers, etc. As previously mentioned, you can download the Alaska Airlines app to obtain the flight itinerary you are requesting. I have always uploaded a screenshot of the flight details in the court ordered app months in advance, so you have access to all of the information needed. To prevent any future confusion, I will send you a message in the court ordered app when I upload any flight information, so you know when it is added. Flight details for June and July have already been added to the app. Please be sure to review the flight information and accompanying screenshot documented in the app to avoid any future issues and unnecessary communication. Thank you."

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Other people's eyes on it before we send it! I thought it was wordy too but was having a hard time shortening it.

i don't think we should have to spoonfeed her info either, but apparently the missed flight shows we do since she didn't look at the attachment which had all the info she would need two months in advance 

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Unfortunately, you can spoonfeed BM all day long and she will still find a way to mess it up. I think messaging her when you upload the info and then having all the info in the app is plenty. Make her look for it and actually read it over. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink...

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DH said he would message her from now on relaying the same info as is on the calendar and in the screenshot so maybe she will run out of excuses as to why SD didn't make her flight

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I really don't get this, having worked for the airlines my entire adult life-  there are several phone fields.  In forwarding the original e-mail booking that should be sufficient and nothing else is needed, that's on her.  DId you fwd the original e-mail w/the record locator/flight info? It's super easy to erase any personal info- and card info is not displayed on the e-mails typically.  You just fwd the reservation e-mail.  Now, if that was done, not sure what she is complaining about!!!  As to miles, most carriers allow children of any age to accrue mileage under their own accounts.  A lof of what you are saying doesn't make sense to me honestly. 

As to the e-mail, hit fwd, erase any personal info and done.  I think you guys sometimes invite drama into situations, unless I"m not understanding something. 


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Book the flight. When we book the flight on Alaska like we have to because SD flies unaccompanied minor there is literally only one space to put an email and phone number. It has my email and my phone number since I work from home and do majority of the booking for our flights. The one confirmation email for the reservation we get had the amount we paid, credit card, etc. and other personal information. After the flight is booked, I cannot add other contact info to the reservation, I can only delete mine to add a different one there simply really isn't any more spaces or any add button to add multiple forms of contact info

So we cannot forward the email to her and also all communication is to be done through the app only. Which is why we create an event in the CO app, with the times, flight info, and includes a screen shot of the flight itinerary as well. When we add it, you can share it in the messaging section of the CO app which is exactly what we do.

Either DH and I are very stupid and blind or Alaska doesn't give you the options other airlines do. I don't know why Alaska doesn't give you more options than it seems other airlines do. I do very technical and detailed work so I pay extreme detail to attention and both of us have looked and looked and neither of us see anywhere to add anyone else and I am not forwarding our personal info to her

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She would need the record locator if she is the one dropping off at airport- and the UMNR info should be for both parties documented in the record either online or via calling reservations. 

As to the e-mail, I'm sure the ccard/personal info isn't embedded into the flight schedule, just fwd and delete any other info she doesn't need, leave the record locator and flight information/times listed. I know what a confirmation record locator looks like online...I do think you're both being obtuse here, her on her end, you by saying that which I know isn't the case.


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Ask for the UMNR info. Literally asks for the flight number and the passengers name. That's it. I know this because I've gone and checked SD in for her flight 3 times now with DH. 

I am not lying or being obtuse. We literally get ONE email after the flight is booked and it shows how much we paid, our card info, etc. i don't understand why Dh or I need to go through extra steps of editing an email that shows the same info as the screenshot provided for her for SD's flight especially when all info and communication is supposed to be in the CO app. Which is why ALL contact except calls to SD is done in the app. 

I guess either we are idiots or we need to do even more work to provide the same info that has already been provided to her.

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If she wants a damn email she can book the flight and pay for it.   That's what I would tell her.    

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That response lol

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"BM I can't make things any clearer or easier for you.  Syphiliis causes brain damage and is largely undetected in women, just a friendly PSA for the day." 

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If only

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Just give BM the Airline,date, flt#, & arrival time.


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DH will just in addition to the calendar entry message the details too in the message portion so that excuse can't be used again 

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Forward the email with info blocked out , AND put it in whatever app you use to communicate . 

I know you shouldn't have to , but it saves on missed flights and more communication the other side of the mess up. 

When bm here messes up we don't even enter a narrative,  we simply screenshot the emails she was sent at the time of the arrangement, and usually don't hear from her again . Although in fairness to her I think we've had 3 'my mistake /I'm sorry ' in total in 8 years 

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Been a year of SD flying to us yet and it's been a mess after the first time. It almost seems like she is messing it up on purpose since it's constant 

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This all seems terribly complicated. I thought flight times were always given in local times (it's always been the case in my experience). Also, I can track a flight simply by googling the flight number. Where's the problem? 

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1. An idiot AND/OR 2. She's lazy. 

Apparently she only looked at the calendar entry of the flight but didn't click the attachment which showed more flight details so when the calendar adjusted to BMs time since we can't pick time zone when entering the info she missed getting SD on the flight because in the two months she had the info she never clicked the attachment nor looked up the flight info. So now her excuse is that she should be added to the flight info which we simply cannot do as is there is not room for multiple people's contact info. We will not add her to our personal Alaska account which this is tied to and since we pay for and book for all flights she doesn't need to be added. Her contact info is filled out when dropping SD off at the airport for while in flight. 

Some on here are saying we also need to do a third step now and delete our personal info from the email and forward it to BM in addition to adding it to the CO app's calendar along with the already provided screenshot of the flight itinerary and I think that's ridiculous. We already babysit her more on this issue than we should need to as she is a grown woman who could easily look up the flight with the info provided 

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My last question was rhetorical  


Dear BM, 

Here is the itinerary, the flight number, and Alaska Airlines phone number. 

Deal with it.

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Over the summer when BM was asking about if the flight was to land early or late while SD was already on the airplane back to her and we gave her the latest update when SD boarded the plane we sent her the flight tracker link and we both decided we sent the link once and that was it. 

If she would just download the app it would make it easier on everyone, but she doesn't want to do the work of downloading the app and entering the flight info that you can add to get *gasp* notifications on and updates as they happen. 

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When forward an email you can delete any unwanted info from the forwarded email. She won't see anything personal on there. 

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But what everyone is suggesting is now for DH to do a third step when all the info in the email in already provided to her in the form of a calendar entry with the flight number typed out, the times, and also a screen shot of the flight intinerary, so why does DH have to do more work when all BM has to do is look at the stupid calendar entry that she has access to at all times once it is added? The word Alaska will be added in front of the flight number even though again the screenshot shows it is Alaska and we will add the UMNR number from the email since that is the only piece of info that Bm is not provided with that she could possibly need 

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Because it doesn't include the record locator OR the ticket n.....both of which are incredibly useful.  So when you get the confirmation e-mail, just edit, screen shot and send.

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I would just say that there is only space for one person's info when booking but from now on, you will directly forward any emails regarding the flights that SD is on to BM's personal email. Also ask her to confirm her email address so there is no question.

I know you want to keep communication in the app but really, forwarding a flight iternerary directly should always be done. This isn't back and forth communication, it is just a flight iternerary. 

The only other thing you could do is screenshot the flight info and attach that as a picture to the communication app if that is possible. 

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OP is already doing this. Her and DH screenshot the flight info and attach it to a memo/calendar in the court ordered app, while also typing all the flight information into the memo portion of the app, so they are essentially providing all the flight information twice. The only issue is that BM isn't looking at it. 

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All the info has already been provided for BM twice in the app. I'm not having us add a third step to this nonsense when it is already all provided all she has to do is look. We can add the word Alaska in front of the flight number and we can add the UMNR number.

Forwarding an email doesn't make us not have to do the other steps because if we only delete our info and email it to BM. I would bet you the next flight BM will say she never got the email or she can't find it, etc, etc. in the app there is no excuse as that info doesn't go away and it is there for reference. 

that is why I'm not understanding how a screenshot of the flight intinerary with all the info she needs is getting some people saying we aren't doing the right thing. We never didn't provide the info for her. Only thing we didn't provide is the UMNR number which can easily be added to the calendar memo 

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I thought that there was an issue with the app changing the time. Maybe I am confused. That is why I suggested a screen shot- so there is 0 confusion on the iternerary. 

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Because Bm apparently just clicked the calendar to check the time, but she never clicked the provided screenshot of the flight itinerary that's why it was so frustrating SD missed her flight because in the two months she had the info she never clicked the screenshot and she never looked up the flight either to even see if it was on time or anything 

Sinxe we have booked SD's first flight a screenshot has always been provided but BM apparently is too lazy to click the attachment to even look at and confirm 

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"Sorry BM, I can't fix your stupid!"

(Kidding.... Kind of)

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Haha, I wish we could say that.

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Why don't you set up a miles account just for SD?  According to Alaska, you can transfer up to 100K miles each year from one account to another.. but I guess you would still have to purchase the flight with your card.. but again.. No reciepts I ever get  have enough CC information to be usable.  it's a security thing.

But.. the responses above are really not brief enough.

BM, We are not able to add you to our account.  We have and will continue to provide you with the confirmation number and the flight information in the format (incl timezone) that we recieve it via the information portal we use to communicate"  You will need to access it directly through Alaska Airlines web site or app to stay on top of it.  

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We had to call Alaska to set one up and I have the number now attached to her person under our account, but since her birthday etc. is entered your cannot even set up a mileage plan for SD online or see her points online. When we reach 20,000 after this summer, we will need to call Alaska to use them. 

I agree we got very wordy but that's easy when it's personal so that's why I was looking for input on cutting it down 

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You don't need details in your reply. She's gotten that multiple times. She's looking for attention and I would not play her game.

BM, you cannot be added to our account. You need your own account to track SD. On future trips, I will add ALASKA to ticket as reminder for you to check time zones and will continue to send screen shot of tickets. Regards.

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True. If is very easy to add extra words when it was already explained once over the phone and again over the app, but doesn't mean we need a narrative again 

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I guess the bottom line is that in the end.. what is the bigger hassle?  When BM fumbles the information she sees on the calendar because it isn't clear to her.. or spoon feeding her the information to improve odds (not guaranty lol) that SD will get on the flight.

Ultimately, I guess you could turn it back on BM to arrange for the ticket from her to you.. and you could just reimburse her.  and you guys book SD's flight back to BM.

That way you both have the departing flight with your own information.

OR you could forward the confirmation with information blacked out.. 

Or.. reminder her that all you will give her is basic flight information and that she needs to figure it out.

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a flight correctly from her to us.

She is already spoon fed the information she is just being lazy at this point. DH will spoon feed her by messaging the info in her timezone on the app after it is added to the calendar so there will be no excuse of the time difference again and it is all recorded in the app that she was provided with every bit of information she would need in a 3rd way. It is added to the calendar, it is also in the screenshot, and then also typed out in message form to her. When my parents came to visit us for Christmas, all my mom did was send me the flight number. I added it to the flight status section of the app and then ta da I could track the flight and get notifications on the flight by myself. It really is not that hard.

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The confirmation number to BM and guess what? I did. It is on every single screenshot of the flight itinerary. So it shows the following info: Airline, date of take off, time or take off, location of take off, time of arrival, confirmation code, passenger name, flight number, and passenger seat. So there is literally nothing missing from what she was provided.

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I added “Alaska” in front of the flight number of every upcoming flight calendar entry for SD in the memo line. Please reference the attachment at the bottom which shows: Airline, date of take off, time or take off, location of take off, time of arrival, confirmation code, passenger name, flight number, and passenger seat. As I am unable to select a time zone when adding the flight information to the calendar please refer to the attachment. All the information you need is in the attachment which has been added months in advance for each flight. Thank you.

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There you go!  Perfect - That is exactly what I was talking about, having the confirmation code is KEY- and puts the onus on her to check.  

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I thought it was important too, but forgot it was on there because I just remember that the screenshot provided all the information needed. Then when I went back and looked yesterday, BM has had the confirmation code this whole time since the very first flight booked. So will just reiterate to reference the screen shot for all information.