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Do you think SD will make her flight tomorrow morning?

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To give some background this is SD's 5th flight out to us. SD has only made the first flight to us on the day she was supposed to fly to us. This is the first time the flight is at 7 am, usually her flight is around 6:00 pm. We were so happy that typically there are now 2 flights offered each day, one in the morning and one in the evening when before it was only the evening flight. 

So who thinks SD will actually be on the flight tomorrow? BM is now aware any missed days that DH will be requesting to make them up. DH and I took a bet last night, I told him no just because the odds aren't in favor of her making her flight. But partly I think she will make it because BM clearly was not happy on missing days over summer break to make up for days we have missed. 


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If she misses the flight then I highly recommend a brief message on OFW saying that with 80% of flights missed, it looks deliberate. And leave it at that (requesting makeup time is a given, of course.),  no discussion,no excuses. See




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I actually think an early flight has a better chance! I am leaning towards her making it this time!

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Your BM is a disorganized mess. She may not be capable of getting SD on an early morning flight.  I'd say it's a toss-up.

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Also, people that push "their narrative" typically know not to push "too much" or it becomes overwhelmingly obvious what they are doing. 

If she misses "too many" flights, it will look like she is at fault... otherwise it couls be chalked up to "accidents causing bad traffic", etc. Shit does happen...but when it happens more often than not its harder to push "her narrative". 

If she does miss the flight, your husband will actually have to DO something about it tho, or it will just keep happening.