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CPS called DH this morning

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Turns out that all 5 of the reports are about SD's sister and none of them name SD, but that DH was listed as SD's sister's father in all of the reports. Since we were honest in the letter included with the CPS report requests, they are not sending any of the reports our way because DH is not the sister's father. I guess we will need to include this in our talk with a lawyer to see if it is something they can or need to request as a lawyer to see if it is specifically only related to the sister or is related to the home environment at BM's.


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I might have asked if there was any assessment of the home environment made.. if so.. that since his biological daughter IS a resident of that home.. that he should be able to have a redacted copy of the reports.

TBH.. if her older sister is experiencing behavioral issues.. perhaps is acting out in inappropriate or dangerous ways.. that would also be a concern for other chilldren living in the home.

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Send a letter.   Telling CPS not to be bothering you.   Or else....The lawsuit...

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It's so weird that BM thinks y'all made the calls if the reports were all to do with SD's sister only. Obviously she's not the brightest...

I would want to know if they've done home visits at BM's and what the findings were. If not, did the reports suggest that something was amiss with SD's sister outside the home? Does SD's sister go anywhere regularly that SD does not (grandparents home, after school program, bio dad's home, church??) It just seems like with two kids that close in age, anything effecting one would impact the other at least enough to be included in the report. They really might not be able to tell you, but it's worth asking. And definitely worth requesting a redacted report since DH has a minor child in the same household.

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Does BM or has bm ever had a cps parenting plan? If yes, do you know why? Your lawyer can try to get a copy--but likely will not,  sorry.

Has your lawyer been on the up and up with DH?

It really REALLY takes a lot for a sitting Judge to switch custody when a mom has full custody even for bm's like yours.  . Majority of those moms who DO eventually loose custody are sitting in handcuffs at the hearings and THAT is the only true reason custody had to change from singlemom to  dad. It is seldom because dad won a custody hearing.

Not trying to discourage you-- you are well aware and have seen first hand here the numerous  SMs who have gone thru the ringer and the singlemoms still have custody.  Many moms who have lost custody will likely regain custody after their time in the clinker--that is NO joke.  So now you know, if perchance didn't know that. 

You have an up high battle that is expensive and rarely produces the outcome you hopped for. 

Your bm is going to have to completely block dad from access to sd--not just a few times, not just playing games with telephone calls but block dad physical access FROM sd Numerous times.That means NO visitation for dad at Christmas and no visitation at summer. Unless I miss a thread, your bm has never done that, right? 

---Then dad will have to show the court that HE went back east to try to see his very young daughter more than once,  and bm flat out refused. DH is going to have to be present in sd town sooner rather than later, because you can bet his absence,  not matter how much you think are valid and just, will be used against him.  Going back to sd town even for a weekend,  has teeth---

About sd and her may likely say sd is a slow learner and that she BM is doing her best. Judge will likely side with bm on that matter.