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BM being difficult about calls

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I have posted on here many many times about how BM is difficult to schedule calls with SD. Well, she's back at it again. DH backed off the number of calls a bit for the last year because of how difficult it was scheduling calls, but now DH is trying to go back to the number of calls he used to make which is the same amount of calls/frequency BM made all summer long. This is now the second weekend in a row that BM is being extremely difficult to schedule a call. No surprise, but SD is apparently staying with BM's parents from Friday - Sunday, maybe even until Monday and BM did not notify DH ahead until DH asked when this weekend he could call SD. There has not been one occasion that BM has notified DH before he has asked to call SD that SD was staying somewhere other than BM's house even though it is in the CO to notify the other parent, provide names, addresses, contact numbers, dates, etc. whenever SD is not sleeping at either parent's home.

Ugh, so frustrating!


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BM should be able to provide her parent's info so your DH could have a call with his child.

I wonder if she is being extra resistant due to the CPS issue?

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app in the past, so if BM does not provide information on when, then DH will call SD's phone and if she doesn't answer then will call the grandparents.

I bet she is, she has been super difficult since that whole disagreement a few weeks ago where BM outted the cps information because she believes it is DH. It is actually funny because it went over his head that she was accusing him, but said even if he denied it she wouldn't of believed him anyway

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I'd like to suggest the following, If you are not already doing this.

Follow the traditional call schedule that was working  in the past. 

Leave a short professional message. Please have daughter call me at blah blah. OR send me a message with a time that works better for her. Thanks. Bye, click.

Then print out your call logs, highlight her number in yellow that shows 1 or 2minutes, which means YOU called and left a vm. 

File these papers that may need to be authenticated and entered as evidence.

Ughhhh sorry about this. 

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We were looking in BM's state for reasons of change of custody and PAS or Parental Interference and Educational Neglect are both on there, add that plus the cps reports, depending on what they say when we get them back, looking like we have quite a bit in our favor, but you also never know.

It's annoying because BM wants to try and claim DH is a POS and make all these jabs at DH, but whenever DH is trying to stay as connected to SD as possible, BM always is getting in the way making it not easy for him. Constantly claiming all she does is advocate for SD, BUT then tries to get in the way of her relationship with DH.

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Have DH mention a police wellness check if he hasnt talked to SD in a timely fashion.  That's the last thing she needs right now.   Play a little hardball.  

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To call yesterday, BM finally got back and said the time but not which day. Dh asked what day and BM read it but didn't respond. So this morning Dh messaged again and asked what day. BM finally responded less than ten minutes before the call to say today. So BM was basically trying to get DH to miss the call