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BM always needs to feel like she is in control

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DH just followed up about the two days we wanted added to this summer to make up for missed days and BM first tried the playing dumb tactic she usually does with never getting back to us and then tried to request something that is not possible.

DH: Hey, need to book SD's flights for summer asap. I haven't heard anything back about the dates I asked for. Will you be on vacation those two days?

BM: What specific dates are they

DH: *sends screenshot from conversation 4 weeks ago* The same dates as asked last month 6/4/23 & 6/5/23

BM: Sorry just alot going on. That is fine but in the future I'd rather split it over spring break if you need an extra day. Typically there is some room over one of the weekends.

DH: Okay. Thanks


Like good you agreed to it so that is good because now perhaps BM will allow make up days if SD misses her flight again OR maybe BM will now make sure SD will actually make her flights. 

I know it is neither here or there right now but it is SO ANNOYING that BM is requesting to add any make up time on to spring break when DH is literally entitled to spring break as soon as school lets out for it and until 5:00 pm the day before going back to school so there is no wiggle room to add on days unless SD misses school which is not something we are going to request or even want to happen. BM just needs to feel like she is in control. But sure, BM we will let you think that is possible until the time comes and it is proven to not be a possibility.

Whatever, we are getting our two days back and hopefully SD actually makes flights now.