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SD's new school is definitely not as advanced as SD's last school in regards to parent portals and apps to update parent's on their children. However, the school does at least have a parent portal where the student's attendance can be seen. So far, in over a month of school SD hasn't been late once or missed a day of school. It is a miracle! Perhaps this is a sign BM is making SD's education more of a priority or perhaps BM's husband as annoying as he is, is influencing the situation with school. SD's teacher is also willing to work with our 3 hour time difference and DH's work schedule for a virtual parent teacher conference next month. Let's hope for some good news!

DH shared the instructions and access codes on the CO app with BM even though she is supposed to of gotten all this mailed, but since she didn't share the info received with him, he is being the bigger person and sharing it with her. DH wants to show that even though he is from a distance and SD is not with him, he still shares information regarding education and otherwise. DH messaged BM to say he shared the information and to please share the picture day information when she receives it since it is less than 2 weeks away. Crossing our fingers that she at least shares that without DH having to contact SD's teacher again. 

**EDIT: SD's teacher just emailed back with a time and date for a phone conference for SD so now that is all set to go and sounds like it is a separate conference as requested so yay!