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Work updates

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Like I said a bit ago SO has a start date. What’s even better is that he’s not getting the position he was given. He was going to be a floater at first picking up hours that needed filled at multiple locations. Turns out a new employee never showed up and he’s getting that spot. It has set hours that are prefect for him. He’ll have no issue spending time with the kids. It’s also at the location that we wanted him to be at working with the people he wanted. Come to find out his direct boss is the practically his best friend. I really like this guy and think we owe him a lot considering how much he helped SO out after he and BM first split.

I also had an interview yesterday that went really well. Pretty much promised the job pending my background check and drug test which will both come back clean. I’m over qualified but that’s what I wanted. It’s a complete change from what I’ve been doing. I’ll work one on one with one client, no more massive groups where I feel hopeless and frustrated. I’m really happy at how it’s turn out. Hours that are much better suited for me also and plenty of options for picking up over time. Only down side is it’s a MAJOR pay cut.

SO and I are talking and getting a good idea of what our new cost of living will be. There are a lot of decreases but yes still a lot of unknowns. I think we can handle the pay cut but if need be there is a possibility of me taking a position like the one I’m in now I just really don’t want to do it. I don’t want to continue what I’m doing if there is any way out. I was speaking to my mother and she agrees with me. If we can afford it this will very likely help with my overall mental health. I’ve gotten very cynical and depressed with my current work environment. It feels hopeless and pointless. This new job allows me to use the education I got in the way I wanted.  


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Not as a PRN but a PRN shift for my current job to help with the transition till they can replace me..... maybe.  They still havent replaced my coworker that left at the end of July. 

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Are there any hospitals in the area? I don't know what area you are in, but here they are starting nurses at $58k right our of school and a $10k starting bonus. Nurses are in huge demand in most areas. Is it not like that where you are?

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Are you PCS? (Patient care specialist). I figured you aren’t a nurse or you’d not struggle financially. 

personally I’d not take a job with major pay cut. Especially since you already sttuggle and you said you have college degree and have to pay student loan. I’d rather look longer. No way. Never. Minor cuts are ok though if it is a better suited job. 

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My bad re student loan.  I might be mixing you with someone else.

I am now curious what is that you do. CNA? You previously mentioned what you make and it’s less than CNA makes in my state. Cant be SW, pay is too low. I am out of ideas. You don’t have to share.

Just being nosey and not getting how you can take major pay cut, it would be below minimum wages in my state and we aren’t high cost of living state at all.  I’d think more about danger of making major cuts. One thing is to take major cut from 40 an hour to 35 an hour but entirely different story going from already low pay to even lower. It’s going to really hurt you, your saving and retirement etc But of course you do what’s right for you. Just can’t imagine ever doing that. 




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Because of how specialized and limited my field is I won't say exactly what my position is. I am not a nurse in any form. I am similar to a social worker but still vastly different. The closest I will say is that I am a type of therapist. I make almost double minimum wage currently which while less than a nurse is very nice for the area we live in.


The position I'm taking does NOT consider my education when setting pay. Many of my soon to be coworkers are fresh out of high school. I will be using my education and they are happy to have me but it is not required for the position. I am EXTEREMLY over qualified.


I think it will be a good change of pace for me though. I'm tried of working in a hospital setting and I'm tired of working with the exact population I've been with. I am burned out emotionally and it's not helping with my mental health.


It's hard for me to accept the pay cut but the thing is because of where I live locations that would use my degree and pay me for it are limited. There is only one location where we are moving to and they aren't currently hiring. I could drive an hour plus every day or stay with my mom the whole point of this move is to be with our family. If we can't afford the cut then I'll have to accept that but my partner is supportive of us trying.


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PRN is abbreviation for “pro re Nata” meaning “as needed”. PRNs people don’t have a full time positions but are called into work when needed. It’s not the same as RN (registered nurse.). Same letters, just not the same thing at all 


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I gather that from what she wrote... at the hospital my son works at PRN is the designation they use for "as needed nurses". 

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It’s not just nurses. Could be radiology technician. Could be nurse assistants. Could be custodians. PRN simply means “as needed”

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Could be ANYTHING when it comes to a hospital setting. A majority of hospitals are changing their format. Becuase of how unstable the patient population is they are turning more and more postions into PRN postions. They work them full time for a week or two then next to nothing. The thing is a PRN person can say no to working as long as they fill the minium requrements which is only 2 days a month where I work.

They may not accept me being PRN because of my exact job but at the same time they don't have a replacement for me and still a haven't been able to replace our last coworker. Out of a staff that was already struggling to function with 3 people they are about to have only one and he doesn't want to work more than 3 days a week. They need us 7 days a week.

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15 years ago I made a career change & went from $54k/year down to $40k, and that was after I had to turn down a DREAM job because that position was $30k - as a single homeowner at the time there was just no way (& that company did approach their CFO about upping it to $35k for me, but they couldn't). FORTUNATELY, in a couple of years of excellent performance reviews and associated raises/bonuses, I far surpassed the $54k. It sounds like you know you need a change so yes, crunch the new #'s (BTW congrats to you both for landing new jobs!!!) to see if you can make it on the lower pay, with the knowledge that you won't be stuck at that rate for long given your qualifications and experience.

You got this!