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OT- HSA question

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I'm changing jobs. My current insurance was set up as an HSA and I have an account through the bank which has MAYBE 100 in it. My new job I'll be getting different insurance. I'm trying to decide what to do with the HSA. If I close the account and withdrawal all the money will I be hit with any sort of fees or penalties? I've never had an HSA before. I would rather all my savings be together and the bank it was set up with isn't my normal bank as it is. Its not even a nation wide bank.

BM called me

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Let me start off with it was very appropriate. She has moments where she's actally reasonable / responsive.

Anyways she confirmed what we already guessed. Granddad is at the end. He has signed off on end of life decisions and stopped treatments. Its serious enough that family from other states are being allowed military leave to come say good bye.