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Oh you found someone

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I love how fast BM finds someone to watch the kids for her after telling us she needs us to get them and we can't but offer to have their grandmother do it. Nope not acceptable. Went from "I have no one to get them" to "Fine I'll have ____________ get them."

Their grandmother would LOVE to spend the extra hour or so with them but no.

It’s started

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We knew as soon as we moved BM would start dropping the kids on us every chance she got. We aren’t even completely settled and she’s already pushing extra overnights. We have said no to anything on a school night because it’s not fair to the kids right now with the current sleeping arrangements. They work on weekends but not on a school night. Once that's all fixed we have no problem them staying the night.

She finally asked him

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Tomorrow my significant other will be finding out about the home we are supposed to be moving to. He’s pretty sure everything will work out and we’ve already got a plan of how to handle the move, finding new jobs, and all that.

The past few weeks he’s been a bit different when it comes to this move, more proactive. Turns out the oldest finally asked him about living with us. She’s been hinting to me for a while that she wanted to be with us more but two weeks ago she flat out asked him. She told him the reason why is she can be a kid with us.