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I was just checking my email and have already received a reply to my thank you for the interview email I sent. I was offered the normal position which is what I truly wanted.

The benefits are amazing and the hours are great. The pay is more than what I made at my last job of the same type. I even get a budget for the CEU's I need to get each year.

OT- Interview Update

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The interview went really well. They knew me when I got there. One of them I even worked with directly when I was on the state organization board for our profession. Lots of positive feedback during the interview and I was given a pretty long turn of the location.

I'm really hopeful and should hear something Friday. If I get it the hours and other benefits are amazing. 

OT- Interview

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Got an email back already. We're working on setting up an interview time which I'm hoping will happen next week.

Apparently futher down the job board about a week before the position I applied for they were looking for a manager so they asked if I'd be interested in it.

Honestly no. I keep getting defaulted into the management role because at both locations I've worked with before I was the only one with my exact credentials.

OT- Wish me luck

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When we moved it was rather fast so I took a low paying job in the health field but that did not use my degree and experience. There is only one location within a reasonable distance that I could use my degree fully and they only need maybe 3 people. 

I applied at that location last week for a different lower position just to be there when a spot came open.

Well apparently there is a spot as of yesterday. I've put in my application so lets hope. 

Its a major raise if I get it plus better benefits.