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BMs that abandon their kid

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Now that I'm a mom, I don't understand the bm that abandon their kids to live with their dad and sm. & continue to have more kids with another man. I could not imagine not seeing my kid for weeks and months I would go crazy. What goes through these bm heads to make them think choosing to not be a parent to their kid is okay?

Shoutout to all stepmoms and stepdads

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This steplife is not for the weak. We all endure so much and still do our best for these kids. We love unconditionally. We carry our families on our backs with little to no appreciation or recognition. We are the glue that holds our families together. Some of us are the only hope the stepkids have because their parents checked out on them. 

I feel for the stepparents that have to deal with the reprocussions of the kids that are mentally messed up from their parents splitting , or having one or both parents who are not present physically and emotionally. 

Put a ring on it

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So there’s a show called “pug a ring on it” on OWN. If you have seen it what’s your opinion on Chè and Michael’s relationship and her views on his son moving in? Everyone is bashing Chè, but as a stepparent , I understand where she is coming from a little, bit I do believe she should move on before it’s too late if her emotions are that strong about it . Sometimes in steplife, it is not that the stepparent does not like/want to bond with the stepchild, it’s more complicated and most of the time it is the child’s bio parent(s) that make the situation difficult.

Am I wrong

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Am I wrong for not wanting to watch SS4 overnight while my Boyfriend goes to another state 10 hours away to go kick it with his music career friends ? I feel like if his week to have his son he needs to be there for him primarily. The kid has even come to me saying he's sad because he always spends time with me and not his dad when he's here. I'm also heavily pregnant so it's hard to chase a toddler around especially one I did not birth. Not saying that matters but I havnt got the first hand experience of giving birth yet and raising a child of my own yet until my baby is born.