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when your husbands ex true colors show

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I was sitting at home and got a mass text from my step sons school. It was to inform us about what was going on for their pumpkin carving day of fun. My husband uses my number because I always answer my phone and he never does. His ex saw that I was included in this mass message and wanted to know why she was not included...... (I have to stop myself here and try not to pee myself from laughing to hard...) how did she get the mass message and see that I was included, if she wasn't part of the message...

I just need a place to breath

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I just need a place to breath. " a mom place" a place to call my own. I am not sure if that really exists, but oh how I dream of the day I find it. I take a shower and kids come in and out like I am not even in the shower. I am using the restroom and I have to reach out and open go gurt, cheese sticks or Gatorade bottles. my husband is on his computer in the kitchen playing games on his computer but the kids run to me. Even thought they have to run right past him.