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BM is MOTY. Didn't ya know?

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I offered to pick the skids up yesterday afternoon from school. SS6 had a baseball game at 6p, and he had left his uniform at our house last week. It was easier to pick them up than to drive to BM’s house at 5p when DH got off of work for SS to change. We agreed that I would pick skids up, and we’d meet BM at the game.

DH gets home yesterday, and we were talking about SS’s glasses. SS had expressed that he felt he should wear his glasses more than just at school. He said that his eyes had been hurting him (which I’ve heard him complain of a few times in the past couple of weeks), and he could see better with them on. DH and I have both worn glasses 95% of our lives, so we understood. I told SS that it might improve his game, if he could see better with them on. I also told DH that if was going to continue in baseball, we might ought to look into getting him the sports glasses that won’t break. SD8 chimes in with, “Mommy said ‘no, he can’t’.” I thought that she was talking about getting the sports glasses. I told her that I was pretty sure that we could get them for SS. SD then says that BM doesn’t want SS wearing his glasses all the time. WTF? If the kid can see better with them on (and he’s the only one that knows if he can), who the hell are you to tell him that he can’t wear them? This was about the time that we were leaving for the game, so I asked SS if he wanted me to take his glasses, as I wasn’t sure if he’d changed his mind after what SD said. DH says, “Nah, I think he’s going to wear them. Right, buddy?” SS says that he is, and we leave.

We get to the game. BM hasn’t shown up yet, and she has SS’s bat and glove. She was told on Wednesday night that she needed to bring them to the game. SS had to start the game without them. The poor kid was in the field without a glove. DH was LIVID. Baseball is something that DH takes seriously. He played since he was little and went to college on a baseball scholarship. He was calling BM every name in the book. }:) About 5 minutes after the game starts, DH has SD call BM to see where she is. BM tells SD that she’s pulling into the parking lot. DH told SD to go run and get SS’s bat and glove and come back. The next thing we know, BM is leaving and SD tells us that she doesn’t have SS’s equipment and had to go home to get it. Seriously? You didn’t figure that you had to bring his BASEBALL bat and BASEBALL glove to his BASEBALL game?!

When BM finally gets back with SS’s things, she goes into the dugout to give them to him. At this point, she notices that SS is wearing his glasses. In front of everyone, she JERKS them off of his face and goes to sit down. When it was SS’s turn to bat, he told the team mom that his eyes were hurting and he wanted his glasses. The team mom calls BM over and tells her that SS would like to have his glasses. With a giant “UGH”, she hands them back to him. You could tell it hurt his feelings. I can’t understand WHY she would want her child NOT to be able to see as clearly as he could.

BM spent the rest of the game screaming at SS to “RRUUUUUN” and “THROW THE BALLLLLL”. It was obnoxious. DH thought that she was completely over the top, as I’m sure everyone around her did. It was 101 heat index yesterday. All of the kids were sluggish. I did some extra cheering for SS. I’m just completely baffled.


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She is an idiot, he is damaging his eyes by straining them. Their eyes are still developing at that age. I had a new prescription every 6 months until I was in my 20's. Also, as for the glove and bat. Buy another set for your house. We do that. We have 50/50 and each house buys it's own items. Nothing leaves or is shared. Works wonders for us with Soccer and Karate. That stopped half the drama for DH and having to run to BM's for something or them coming here. Now they barely have to see each other.

Cost more, but the value of not having to deal with a BM that forgets stuff, so worth it. Buy another glove and don't let it leave your house.

We even used to keep the soccer uniforms in the car, in case BM forgot hers so SS didn't have to wait for her. We just made him strip in the parking lot to get it back. We don't trust BM at all.

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SS6 has a bat here. DH bought it for him for Christmas '09, but according to BM, it wasn't "good enough" for him to use. There's nothing wrong with it, and a couple of the kids on his team have the same bat. We don't have a glove for him, but believe me, as soon as we have a few extra $$, he will have one here.

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She may be worried about the cost of replacing the glasses. The bat/glove thing could happen to any of us. I'm sure all of us have had to run home to pick up something our kid needed that we thought we had with us. It happens. Maybe you husband should purchase extra bats and gloves and leave a set in each car.

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Our boys play baseball and bats are over $100 as are gloves...we couldnt afford to keep "extra's".

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Same here. 1 bat 1 glove for each kid = $150 per kid. No extra's going on there. And I think I would rather risk a broken pair of glasses than have my son take a ball to the face because he couldn't see it properly.

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Plus, SS6 is still in coach-pitch where an adult throws the ball slow. I don't believe that BM is concerned about broken glasses. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm almost certain that's not it.

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BM is obviously a "hottie" and doesn't want her HANDSOME son to look like a DWEEB with glasses on.

(sarcasm tags OFF)

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Are his glasses rated for safety while playing sports?

I would never allow my child to wear thier glasses in games where there is a risk of something hitting the glasses and cutting into the childs eye.

That is probably what the BM was thinking also.

But of course, it couldnt be that she was worried about her own sons eye safety if wearing non rated glasses. She must have had some ulterior motive right?

Maybe ask the BD if he knows what his sons glasses are sfaety rated.

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If this was the case, then why would SD pipe in BEFORE we left for the game, that BM didn't want SS wearing his glasses "all the time"?

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Maybe by all the time, the BM meant times where quickly moving balls could injure her childs eyes?

Or that they may need to be taken off for periods of time to prevent eye strain?

Who knows.

But why assume its b/c the BM is a worthless mother and doesnt care about her kid...when the evidene can be turned around to say that she may care that he could be injured or have his eyes strained?

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If BM is so concerned about "quickly moving balls injuring her child's eyes", why sign him up for baseball in the first place?

I have worn glasses for most of my life. The ONLY time that I have ever experienced strain is when my glasses are OFF. Wouldn't it make sense to assume that a child who was prescribed glasses, who only has complaints of hurting eyes when he is NOT wearing his glasses, needs to wear his glasses more often?

I'm sure your BM (if you have one at all) is the cream-of-the-crop, but in this neck of the woods, BM is very spiteful and vindictive, even if it means hurting her children in the process. HTH! Smile

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Go to play it again sports for extra equipment. We have them all over and use it for extra soccer balls. Much cheaper. I actually have a box full of equipment that the kids have outgrown to get a credit.