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Why does ss13 have to be so annoying?

I try to be patient with all his question asking(most of it is attention question asking), but i get so tired of him not thinking for his self!

He has his first baseball practice today.
I told him yesterday to kind of get ready.

Baseball- you need hat, athletic pant, cleats, and his baseball glove.

Since ss is a weirdo and HAS TO WEAR HIS BASEBALL PANTS (the ones for games), he "cant" find them. He was supposed to "find" them yesterday. So he comes out this morning.
"What do i do if i cant find any pants?"

Ughhhhh. You are 13! This is a practice wear sweat pants!!! But i cant scream that at him or im evil.

So i say "well if you cant find them, what sweats do you have?"

Him"i dont know, can i wear those?"

I dont even answer him. I just stare at him.

He goes back in his room. He comes out wearing baseball pants 10 minutes later.

Why, because he looked in his closet where ALL his pants hang! Like you are not 5, im not going in your room to hand you pants!!!!

Then after he eats he starts asking me if he needs to wear a hat...

Its a practice!!

Then he finally tries on his baseball shoes, guess what they are to tight.

Him "uh. What do i do if my shoes do not fit?"

Me "guess you have to wear your regular shoes."

Him "can i get new shoes? When will i get shoes? Is it ok if i play without them today? Can i get new shoes this week?"
I said text your

One-im glad he is excited.
Two- he was supposed to try his shoes on yesterday.
Three- first game is not for awhile! We have some time.

Like im not rushing to go out and get him cleats-uh noway- he is horrible to shop with- dh has always taken him. This shoe issue is not my problem.

Dh will take him out and get shoes this week im sure...

With ss its always last minute!

He knew baseball was coming up, he could have tried his cleats on any day this week. By the way his cleats are a 8 1/2 and he is now a 9.

I guess im annoyed because he has really been a question freak these past 2 weeks!

Just everything, just use your noodle kid! I swear if dh would not be embarresed id have signs everywhere!!!

Sign on fridge- yes- if you want a drink YES, if you want a snack- three questions to ask yourself 1. Is lady making dinner? 2. Is it passed 430pm? it close to bedtime? If you can answer NO, then get a snack!!

Sign by trash can- full trash can means you need to empty it!!!!



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He will drag eating a snack till 9pm. He is supposed to start getting ready for bed around 830pm, but he would come out of his room at 830pm and ask daddy for a snack, dh would of course say yes, then he makes the snack last till 9 or after. I hate that. (I mean he spends an hour in the bathroom as it is)
So i got on dh- if he cant get his butt out of his room before 830 then its no during the week. Dh has been pretty good about it lately. I think what really got him on board was one night ss asked if he could have some chips, dh said yes, ss poured a mound of chips, and ate them sooo slow. Ridiculous. It was after 930 when he finished!! Dh kept checking on him lol. After that he was not so quick to say

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Oh the microwave is because he has been on a tea kick...great...except EVERYTIME he makes it he comes and hunts me down to ask me what time for the water!!

Its like one- he wants me to know he is having tea, and two- i gues he cannot retain the time i said the day before?!
But i think the box has a suggested time on there, so look!

It just gets annoying.

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He just asked to go to a friends house which means he would have 1hr and 30min. To hangout. So after HE figures out he has,to be back by 230, he says can you text and remind me?

Me "No, your old enough to get back in time."

You have a cellphone with a built in alarm!! USE IT!! I feel so mean but im so tired of him being lazy. And putting it on us. Your 13!! We wont be able to remind you about everything ALL the time.

Start using the features in your cellphone thats glued to you!!!!

Sorry i know this is alot but he has just been on a level these past two weeks!! And baseball just added to it! I mean asking ALL week, sometimes twice aday, when is practice, what time is it, what team is he on, will he know anyone. Same questions over and over again! We tell him the SAME answers- to the point i just ignore him! I will not answer.

I feel like i need to hide from him...or not be here a few days he gets home from school... so i can get bombarded with questions when daddy is here! Lol so i can say go ask dad...

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He does and i have no problem chatting with him...its when it becomes repetitive...i want to pull my hair out.

When he asks dh and i the same question 4 days in a row, one-i get mad dh still answers him, two- if you can not remember what we told you after three days of the SAME answer, no point in telling you the fourth day!!

I also do not like it when its attention seeking- i straight up ignore him- i feel bad and guilty- but then i wonder why i feel guilt if my DD does that when she gets older id ignore her and not feel guilty.

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Your other question- he has friends and a therapist- also a great grandma, and grandma that listen to his every word like its he has plenty od ears!! Lol