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I might be posting more than once a day for a while. LMAO--this is the only way I can vent/get my feelings out!

This weekend and the next 2 weeks we have the skids. (til Aug 13) My SO and his 2 daughters just went over to swim but his son...who is the spawn of his mother..for sure!! is in his room moping...I am about to take the door of the hinges since he slams it often. I was going to go swim too but my foot got hurt and I wouldn't be much fun so now I get to limp around with my evil SS brooding in his room. Last night he did not get his way and pissed in my bathroom on the floor. I told my SO that he is NOT allowed in OUR bathroom ever again..he can piss on his own bathroom floor and clean it up. I will also be throwing away my toothbrush that has something odd on the bristles.

About an hour ago,the 3 Skids (10f/8m/7f) and I were talking waiting on my boyfriend to get ready to leave and my SS put his fingers in his ears and walked off when I was speaking to him. He does this often and/or ignores me.has a complete melt down/tantrum, tells me No, or that he will get his way from Daddy. Well--Dear daddy is starting to notice what his son does to me when I ask him to do something (which is always nicely) or give him 2 options..and his answer is always "Neither"

So he would not fess up to what he did and so my boyfriend asked his sisters. The girls told him and he got talked to and would not comply so he got spanked...and would not comply so his TV and Wii were taken away and he is on his bed stewing right now. I feel for the lil guy somewhat because his addict mother is not around enough to give any guidance and her addict/drunk "fiance" that beats her in front of the kids is worthless. The 3 of them only have their dad and I and grandmother's that pay any attention to them.

when I get angry or annoyed I can be a mean bitch.....down right nasty...but I also know these are kids..and I am trying to be a better person, calm down and think before I talk. I always ask please or give him an option and he just acts out.
Example; Me: "OK it is getting late everyone needs to get a shower."
SS: "No! at Mommy's we shower every few days!"
Me: "That is wonderful but we are at my house and everyone showers before bed EVERYDAY."
SS: *scream/pout/slam door/fall on the floor*
Me: Ok--well do you want to shower now? or shower in the morning?
SS: NEITHER! *pounding and kicking floor*
Me: OK not an option get a shower now.

Sometimes my boyfriend is telling him this instead of me but he acts the same usually up until he gets sent to the corner or spanked.

Also, some nights my SO works late (if he has a project going) so I am the only one around. I have never spanked my SS but talking is no good. UGH!!!! so--this current time "alone" is no longer alone now...gotta go get the tool box out to take door off!

I try to be fair and give 2 options...because regardless he will have to comply.
If he gets in trouble he gets mad
If he gets talked to he gets mad
If he does not want to watch the movie or cartoon we are watching
If you tell him to shower, take out the trash (his only chore)
Stop rough housing
Eat your dinner

He gets FUCK it right? The kid can stay mad and I can ignore him.


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Update: SS is trying to be nice to me now. He asked to watch TV in his room and I said no. I took the door off the hinges in his room as he watched me from his bed. He got out of bed and helped me with the last hinge. He keeps saying "I wanna shut my door" but I ignore him. Now he wants me to watch TV s he can "listen" to it from his room. LOL. He has come out a few times to bug me and use the restroom but mostly stays in his room. No amount of talking to him works..I have tried...he doesn't care.

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Deep breath. I am sure I would have gone off by now. My patience is pretty thin for crap like that. All I can say is every time he does what he is supposed to (I would keep a set schedule too, 8pm is shower time, every night, no options sort of thing) then he gets his TV time that night. If he tantrums or acts ugly, he loses that privilege.

I am sure you're doing those things anyway, it sounds like. Just hang in there with consistency and don't let his testing you and pushing break you!