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Bored at work...So

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Some of our conversations this weekend

SD: I think I'm getting a pimple
ME: Do you wash your face
SD: No

SS: I'm gonna be a cop when I grow up
SD: I'm not going to work. I'm going to get a husband.

SS: I have that game at BM's house
Me: I don't care
SS gives me a dirty look

ME: Sweep your bathroom floor so I can clean around the toilet with bleach. It stinks in there
2 hrs later
ME: SD I told you to sweep your bathroom
SO: I stopped her to run to the store with me

I lay down to take a nap
10 minutes later
SO: O, I didn't know you were napping.
10 minutes later
SO: Sorry dog wants in here with you
10 minutes later
SO: Other dog wants in here
I get up
SO: What wrong, can’t sleep.

Eye Dr. to SS: Your lucky that your mom is paying extra for your glasses
SS: She's not really my mom. She' my mother and does all the mom stuff. My other mom is my mom.


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Yeah, poor kids. I'm technically not his SM. It gets confusing for the kids and sometimes me. Smile I find it embarrassing to have to explain our situation to people or just say, I'm their dad's girlfriend.

Like he said I do all the mom stuff. Even their principal thinks I'm their mom.

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SS: I'm gonna be a cop when I grow up
SD: I'm not going to work. I'm going to get a husband.

LMAO...and she thinks that's not work!!

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I went through that as a teen. Wore makeup, causes pimples, wore more makeup to cover up pimples. Never ending cycle. I did wash my face. Used to use rubbing alcohol. I thought that was the best to clean my face with. Yikes

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My neighbor is a flight attendant. When she has to do over night flights her sons (all grown and living with mommy) throw these huge parties. They can last up until 5 am. It's loud, sometimes they shoot guns, some times they pop roman candles left over from new years or the 4th. It really sucks for every one else in the neighborhood. Hell one time I went out to my car ready to leave for work and there was a kid passed out drunk in my driveway.

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I did, she got quite the hefty fine for houseing underage kids with alcohol. It's a shame because she's really a lovely person, but she trusts her kids too much and now she's in trouble which sucks.

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Last we heard, SSociopath15 was going to be computer programmer.

Me: what college do you think you might want to go to ( giggle snort)
SS: you need more school for thaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Shortly before he turned 13, he said:

"When I turn 13, will I be a teenager?

"Yes, SSociopath."

"For good?"

One time, DH was trying to teach SSociopath about budgeting in the real world and why he needs to do well in school and get a good job.

DH: how much do you think a mortgage is?
SS: mortgage?
DH: a house payment?
SS: uuuuuuhhhhh.... Like $200 a month?
DH: no, try at least 1000-1500, of not more.
SA: well, Mom just doesn't pay hers, and she still gets to keep her house, so I guess that's optional right?


These conversations were all the damn time. I don't miss them.