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BioHo and SD25's dwindling attendants Part Deux

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SS19 just left. He came to pick up DH's truck (borrowing it to help a buddy move some furniture) and stayed for lunch. DH is sleeping. We have a ton of barbecue pork so I asked SS19 if he wanted some lunch. What 19yo, hardworking young man turns down one of his fave (and free) foods? Because he loves them, I also made him some tater tots. 

SS spotted DH's tie for SD25's wedding on the ironing board and said, "Is that Dad's tie for the wedding?"
Me: Yes. He bought one instead of renting. 
SS: I just cancelled mine.
Me: Phew! You've only been dating gf a few weks. 
SS: ~grinning~ Yeah, we're not ready. I cancelled the tie.
Me: You did?
SS: Yeah. I'm not in the wedding.
Me: I thought you were a groomsman.
SS: I WAS, but mom told me I'm out. THANK GOD! 
I couldn't help it - the laughter sprinted from my belly, up my throat, and out of my mouth.
Me: How do you really feel, SS?
SS: Man, Ani, you know I hate those monkey suits. Gimme jeans and flannel!
Me: I know how much you luuuuuuuv your flannel. That shirt gets any more holes, you'll be able to strain firewood through it.
SS: This is my favorite!
Me: I can tell!
SS: Maybe you can fix it? ~laughing~
Me: Sure. You saw some logs really thin and I'll patch it up. Or superglue it on top of another shirt.


So SD25 didn't have to give anyone the boot. 'Ho did it for her!


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Maybe the whole wedding party can just be 'Ho dancing down the aisle in some inappropriate dress. 

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'Ho has made it clear she only cares about how a dress "showcases" her boobs, pushing them up and out. The dress she wore at SS22's wedding is a perfect example: Sleeveless and fitted, with the waistband hiked up under her boobs so it looked like a poorly designed maternity dress. But it certainly had her boobs prominently displayed!

I've seen pics of her wedding to Pinhead. She wore a strapless dress with her favored "up and out" bodice... with her back fat also bulging up and out. That picture is burned into my brain. ~sob~ 

Soooooo.... skintight with an "up and out" bodice is her MO. Rhinestone flip-flops or chunky grandma heels? Evil Aniki envisions 'Ho face planting ala beach pHOtos... *diablo*

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1 has been banned from the wedding... how lovely!!

sd25 is totally happy and agreeable with this because of bioho's bullshit speaks volumes.. she will never be able to make up for kicking her sister out of the wedding.

in asian/muslim cultures, it's important that newlyweds start on the right footing. If you start with hostility, fighting, damaged relationships, they see your marriage as doomed and not blessed. Because these problems grow into bigger ones and continue throughout your marriage until someone gets fedup and it ends....

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Now, shamds, this is the wedding that 'Ho should have had when she married Pinhead! So what 'Ho wants should be a priority! *crazy*

Actually, she kicked out one (SS19). SD25 "uninvited" Mrs SS22 and SD28 from being bridesmaids. That's directly due to 'Ho's influence - and SD25's blindness to 'Ho and her BS. SS19 still plans to attend the wedding (free food!). Spawn13 (mini 'Ho) is still in the wedding.

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Pretty soon no one will be left except Ho and SD. Hopefully the groom will get a clue and hit the road too, unless he wants Ho controlling every aspect of his life going forward. 

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'Ho can be the Matron of disHOnor and Pinhead can be the Biggest Moron. I mean, Best Man!

The groom is a nice young man...and completely under SD25's thumb. No question who wears the proverbial pants in that relationship. 

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SD25 has a spine when she's not dealing with BioHo (then it crumpled like wet tissue paper).

It's  a wait n see. 

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You'd think he'd be wondering... What the heck is going on!! Twilight zone wedding planning 

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Knowing her mother, he probably doesn't want to know! Twilight Zone sounds like an improvement. *dirol*

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Is 'Ho still insisting all the women guests wear ballgowns?

That 'Ho is just something else....

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It's HER wedding! Oops, I mean, it's SD25's wedding and that's what she wants! Or that's what 'Ho told her she wants...

SD25 did ask DH if I got a ballgown (never asked me, but asked when telling him about the tie he must wear). DH, knowing I poo-poo'd the whole ballgown biz, told her, "Not exactly sure what that is, but she got a long dress and it's pretty." And promptly changed the subject to SD's job.

Secretly, I'm bemoaning the fact that I went with tasteful and classy over Cinder-hella wannabe... *dash1*

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I just can't get over the ballgowns... I want to see her face when she sees all the non-compliant gowns in the audience!  Ha!

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I can't help but imagine a Yooper version of Gone with Wind.  Frankly BM , I don't give a damn.  

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Episode where lisa nicole's daughter had a princess party and mariah comes late but with people she hired  throwing rose petals then breaking lisa nicoles picture frame of her daughter and hijacking lisa nicole' daughter's birthday party to make it about mariah and feeling no shame..

all the guests going what the fu*k and how rude and mariah bitching how she is the queen b!!

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Seriously have a look. The shock on peoples faces and that mariah's mother starts summoning the holy spirits at this kids birthday party and people were terrified. They thought the devil had possessed her but thats normal with hcgubm that are off the charts batshi* crazy lol..

hubbys eldest daughter from ex should marry in a couple years time. She's all about rubbing it in peoples faces trying to compete with others when there is nothing to compete with.

her mum for sure will demand all kinds of crazy shit for the wedding because my husband has a really good senior job and she needs to remind people of that. But I don't see my husband willing to spend 20-30,000 for a wedding bio mum wants for their kid that costs more than us. Sd will also likely want our 2 kids there because our kids are caucasian and skids are asian and their mum is from a low class uneducated family. Sd's need to stick it to them so they would no doubt demand our kids come and fake they're sisters of the yr when its been over 3 yrs no contact from them.

yeah i'm not playing into that shitshow or torturing myself sitting through it. Its a hard pass from me. I'd tell hubby me and kids will check into a hotel for a mini getaway. You can torture yourself with batshit crazy...

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Full well it'll be a total shitshow and so fake, but they'll still go and complain afterwards about all the crap that went on... exwife hasn't had the guts to face hubbys family after all the lies. I predict her to force sd not invite hubbys family but expect hubbys money for some glam wedding when hubby will still have 2 minor kids with us which is where money should be spent

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When hubby stubbornly goes knowing full well the shitshow thats waiting for him and then tell me about it afterwards.

all i will say is "and you stupidly went??"

it upsets hibby when I'm harsh with him like that but i just have no time for the bullshi* from skids and bat shit crazy exwife. 

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If your hubby helps find the wedding, hopefully he will have a limit and stick with it. "I'm giving you $1000/2500/5000. That’s it."

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Way is my hubby spending even half of what he spent for our wedding and actually hubbys coworkers all have good salary and his friends si we actually got money as wedding gifts and recouped half of the wedding cost. Hubby spent 20K to have it at a garden wedding location and it included bridal bouquet, wedding cake and food/decorations, we got monetary gifts of 10 grand.

sd26 could have a grand wedding of 30 grand and be lucky to get even 2000 in monetary gifts from guests...

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If someone tried to pitch a TV show with BioHo as a character, they'd get rejected for being too unrealistic.  

But she should write a wedding etiquette column -

Question:  Dear BioHo, I have fought with my entire bridal party and now have too few bridesmaids? Regards Foolish Bride 

Answer:  Dear Foolish Bride, why are you even asking?  Fire your brother from his role as a grooms man.  

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I'm guess all the family members are thrilled to be fired, unbeknownst to SD and 'Ho.

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You've hit the nail on the head tog.