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I HATE FACETIME!!! ANd all things BM and OSS. WARNING this is long and contains offensive language!

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Good Moring ladies, it’s been awhile. I am trying very hard to just stay out of things that are not my concern, not disengaged but not totally there either. So I haven’t had much to vent about. I still lurk and comment here and there, but this weekend has gotten me to a place I need STALK.

Older SS9 is ALL his mother, he is bratty, self entitled, anti social, whiney, wimpy and glued to his ipad. And with the ipad comes face time. I f*&King hate face time. This might get long winded so I am going to outline with bullets my complaints with FACETIMING MOMMMMYYYYY! and OSS!

• Face timing Mommy while in MY room where he has been told 100000000 times he is NOT allowed looking under MY bed for my cats that are in witness protection when they are there. SO doesn’t want to tell him to get out of MY room because cuntastic will hear him. Hey fuck face I DO NOT care MY room is off limits it’s one of the many boundaries we agreed on!

• Face timing MOMMY because the stinky little shit doesn’t want to take a shower after being outside all day playing and sweating and running around. This only takes place when they are doing something HE wants to do, if the kids don’t want to play what he wants he stomps his feet, cry’s says he wants to go home and FACETIMES MOMMY!!!

• Sunday morning he is outside playing and comes barging in the house screaming and crying he got hurt, SO asks where everywhere, it hurts everywhere! (There was not a fucking scratch on this kid) and what do you think he does Stalker. Locks himself in the bathroom and FACETIEMES MOMMMMMMYYYYYY!

• Sunday afternoon watching the Giant game before we left for BD football game (she cheers). In his most annoying whiny voice. Why do we have to watch football? Why do you have to yell so loud? Why can’t we do XYZ or whatever he wanted to do, and when he didn’t get his way what does he do? if you guessed FACETIMED MOMMYYYY! YOU WIN.

• We go to my BD football game, SO took OSS over to the playground and YSS stays with me. He is 7 just started playing this year and loves football, baseball and is a natural athlete. Well SO and OSS come over by the game and within minutes OSS starts his whine, this is boring I want to go home I want to do this blah blah blah his behavior is starting to grate on SO’s last nerve. We all went in 1 car SO asks for the keys to my truck to take OSS back to our house. I looked at him right in front of Princessboy (sorry to the poster who calls her ss that I am so borrowing it lol) and said since when does a 9 year old run the roost. Well it got SOOOO bad that even YSS was getting annoyed with OSS so I gave SO the keys and said here I’ll call you when it’s almost over. SO gets home and OSS glues himself to that fucking ipad. SO ripped him a new one OSS just ignored the tongue lashing. Going forward STAY THE FUCK HOME WITH YOUR BRAT, YSS AND I WILL GO TO THE GAMES.

• Ok let me preface here. OSS has many food allergies so I always try to tweak my meals or substitute ingredients he can have. Because cuntastic is a paranoid idiot she has treated his food allergies like he has a terminal illness so now at 9 he is neurotic. I made roasted chicken, green beans and mashed potatoes. OSS can’t have sour cream and can only have certain butter/margarine. I set aside potatoes and have SO mash them with the coconut milk and safe butter for OSS. This way there NO chance of cross contamination. Well OSS comes in the kitchen as inspects his food and sees the butter and reads the ingredients and informs us he will NOT be eating the mashed potatoes. SO tellS him the butter is safe he has used it before AND MOMMMMYY uses it. “No she doesn’t” ok ladies daily double are you ready!! What does OSS do? FACETIMES MOMMY WHILE IN MY FRIDGE SHOWING HER THE BUTTER! LITTLE MOTHERFUCKER I WANT TO SMACK THE SHIT OUT OF THIS KID BY NOW. Well it seems cuntastic found another butter that is safe and taste better but didn’t tell SO. Great another dilemma put to rest!

• The last gem of the day. After we all got done eating they were outside playing while we were getting their stuff together and OSS again comes running in the house screaming because YSS got hurt on the scooter. SO and I go out and YSS has some road rash on his feet because he was riding the scooter in flip flops. (Something they were told NOT to do) anywho. SO picks up YSS brings him in the bathroom, and while SO is comforting him I am cleaning him up, and what do you think OSS does. FUCKING FACETIMES MOMMMYYYY. Look Mom this is what’s going on, showing her the road rash, now she is asking how it happened and why. Because you ladies all know the skids can get hurt on BM’s watch but NEVER on Dad’s watch. There is a piece of skin hanging off. A piece like a scrape NOT a chunk, SO wants to pull it off and what does OSS say. Don’t do that I’ll call my lawyer!!!WHAT THE FUCK!!! At this point in the day I was ready to pounce on that child. Now YSS is doing ok until princess wimp boy starts saying it looks like it hurts, that really hurts OMG YSS are you ok it must hurt and gets YSS all upset!

There were other mishaps and BS but these were the highlights. I had a great afternoon with YSS he is an awesome kid. SO wants to know why I don’t click or bond with OSS. Well because he is just like cuntastic. She is NOT someone I would ever be friends with.
FML I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

I typed this in word and copied and pasted sorry if it is hard to read.

Ladies I need patience!! Here this child is seriously mentally fucked up. His mother has really mad a mess of this child. SO sees it he isn't in denial, but just doesn't know what to do. The kid is in therapy but I don't see where it's working. On the ride home SO says I love my son but I do not like him. There is no compromise, it his his way or no way. He is spoiled, he has no friends and is glued to his ipad. He looked me in the eyes and said he is his mother and it is why I am not with her.


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Advise BM IPAD is not allowed at your house going forward.

If it shows up despite you telling her it was not allowed: Appply hammer, repeatedly, to IPAD.

Facetime issue resolved.

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I would love that, BUT this would increase the torturous whines of how he hates it here and he is bored. If I turn off the WIFI MY kids suffer. I wish the little fucker would just stay home with MOMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

I do plan on getting a hold of the ipad and deleting my router from its memory and when he asks tell him NO! Then the whining will be in defcon 10000000000000000000000

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It's an ipad, but same thing. AND to answer all question NOOOOOO. He is to afraid to take control because if he starts parenting then OSS will not want to come. Yes he is afraid to tell the kids to get when BM is on the phone. ( which is fine by me). This all comes after 18 months apart and 6 months of couples counseling.

Yes my SO is a part of the problem, but BM created this monster.

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I agree totally and have said this time and time again. HE sees them 4 days a month EOWE. So his parenting influence is small and it sucks.

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Yes this is an option, I have to Fios, there passwords are just that. It's a password I assigned

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Not sure if it's been suggested already but if it's an ipad that doesn't have a cell provider I'd change my wifi password so he can't use the ipad at your house.

I too hate facetime - when dh tries to call SD17 BM always just happens to have to get on facetime too and talk to him, or I've seen her just walk back and forth while they are talking so he can be sure and see her.

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I slept on this last night, I didn't want to say anything after they left last night. SO was already upset and to be honest I wanted to make sure this was something I wanted to get into and was important to me or was I just overwhelmed by the end of day. After much thought and the comments on here I touched on it briefly with SO when he called me on his break and he seems to agree and feel the same way I do if not more strongly. He said we would talk more tonight and come to a resolution by the time they come back in 2 weeks. Looking forward to NO KIDS and getting this resolved.

The more I think about the more violated I feel like there is a little spy filtrating my happy place. Especially OUR room. I want cuntastic to have as little as possible insight or involvement in my home or life.

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The butter thing would piss me off. There's no way BM should be looking in your fridge. This is out of control. I totally get your frustration. I'd do what others have said and implement some kind of limited iPad use. There's no need for him to be in contact with BM that much.

Your post actually made me laugh because I could feel just how pissed off you were. Your writing style was entertaining.

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Thank You I try ti be somewhat entertaining so I don't drive myself crazy. The whole facetime is just out of control. I am calling my provider today and have the password changed it is the the simplest way to fix this. SO can deal with the backlash next weekend when the kid tries to FT or Text MOMMMMMYYY

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Huge admission from your DH, OP, in your last line. Huge.

As for FaceTime, the iPad needs to find a hideyhole where he lives at your house. He only feels safe in his hideyhole and won't come back out until return time, no matter how much you coax him.

Separate these kids more, especially during high risk moments such as the foot scrapey. Don't let the messed up kid upset the kid who has a chance. At my house, the more we keep SD15 away from SS13, the better he does.

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Chief yes it was, but I've known it all along and the 13 year old girl in me was snickering like one. They are only with us EOWE so he doesn't really have his own space. If he wants to glue himself to the ipad all weekend and play his games and be anti social I'm fine with that. There will be NO MORE internet access. The house phone also is being put away and will only be given to say Good Night and there is NO locking himself in the bathroom to make calls. SO and I talked last night and agrees and will be the enforcer. NOT MY MONKEYS.

I have every intention on doing more with YSS, he is truly a pleasure to be around and I am sure once SO sees he is not getting to enjoy YSS he will really start getting on OSS

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Awesome. Use that iPad as your friend. Every time he acts like a little bitch, tell him to go FaceTime Moooommmyyyy. At that point, have Mommy pick him up. Every single time. Mommy will eventually get sick of this game too...

Oh,and if a Moooommmyyyy wants full custody, let her have it. I throw money at BM every month to take the step spawn away. Your peace of mind is so much more priceless...

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He manipulates Mommy and Mommy falls for it so I don't see Mommy getting sick of it. Full Custody SO will never give her that.

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Also, I would have absolutely no trouble at all having a talk with your ss9 that dad is every bit his parent as much as his mom and that our house is OURS. Not BM's. She has her own place and we give her her privacy. Our house is in the charge of justanother and DH and nobody else. We are the bosses here.

I would also even introduce him to a paper and pencil. Let him write out all his feelings and complaints. He can give bm his letter if he really desperately needs to tell her every detail that goes on all weekend at your house. My bet is that he will be too bored to write it out and will move on to playing happily with something else.

Also, if you have him write it out, you can go over it with him and "edit" it so he sees a different viewpoint. He has to write out the final version all over from scratch, no cross outs. He will never finish it, you will never have to give it to mom.

There will be some fireworks when the constant face timing ceases, so I'd be prepared with this letter writing thing as a bone you can throw both bm and ss.

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I will NOT be talking to that child. I will NOT attemptto parent that child but your ideas are good and I am going to suggest them to SO.