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OT - Tater T'ursday

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Yes, TATER. 

Taters (potatoes) are - to me - Comfort Food. Especially mashed. I sometimes make stew withOUT potatoes in it and we ladle over mashed potatoes. Nom nom nom...

I love my DH, but there are times I want to pinch him. We went grocery shopping and the man snuck a 50lb box of potatoes onto the bottom of the cart. I didn't see it until after he paid. 

One can only eat so many baked, boiled, hashed, and mashed potatoes before you feel tater'd out.

Folks, I need some tater recipes!!! Anyone know if Spuds McKenzie has anything?


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OMG 50 lbs, I would consider that CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!  I am assuming these are Russets? - these are so good and since you're an omnivore, you can go all out with some beef or duck fat.  Oh Lord. - I can't have these because of the dairy but they look amazing. - I might have a Serious Eats issue along with a potato problem. 

This is exciting! 

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Yes, they are russets.

Ermagawd, those last two... Aniki needs a tater ricer!

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Nope! You could cut them into chunks.  Just depends how you want them. Plus then they are pre-cooked. I take mine out of the jar, put them on a sheet pan with butter and seasoning and put them in the oven for 15 mins to get them warm and crispy 

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Gratin Dauphinois

Peel and slice your potatoes (1/4 inch thick or less). Put thel in a bowl and sprinkle salt, pepper and a pinch of cinnamon over them. Mix well. Cut a garlic clove in half and rub all it over a lasagne (or other) dish. Butter the dish and layer the potatoes into it. Pour cream over them until nearly covered. Dot with butter. Bake at 180°C for about an hour.

Brandade de Thon

Boil your potatoes and mash with olive oil and a couple (or just one the first time to be sure it's not too strong) of  minced garlic cloves. Drain a can of tuna in brine and mash it into the potatoes. Put it into a buttered dish and decorate with a few black olives. Heat it through and serve.

Tattie Scones

Cook them with your bacon and egg in the morning.



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in honor of my German grandmother I highly recommend potatoe pancakes (latkes).  Served with a nice beef roast and rich smooth gravy ummmmm.

another childhood favorite from the Eastern European immigrants to Northeastern Ohio--Pierogi, my favs were filled with sauerkraut. 
And gnocchi--my kids loved to help make them.


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Yes to pierogi!!    I love making them at home.  

I might just update tomorrow's dinner menu.  

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I grew up in an all polish...Catholic subdivision. Everyone was Catholic. So every Friday was pierogi night or fish. My very favorite pierogi night was potato and onion. OMG this was the very best. Gimlet I love that you make them. Cheese pierogi were very yummy too.

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Potato and carmelized onion are my favorite too!  They are easier to make than I had anticipated and so delicious.  

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Aniki we still make those Tater Eggs you told me about. 

What about some bonfire roasted potatoes? 

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Make the regular Tater Eggs, but add chopped bacon and grated extra-sharp cheddar. *yahoo*

It's RICH, so I drink unsweetened grapefruit juice. 

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Seasoned Citizen (Chef's oldest half bro) gave me a 50 lb bag of potatoes for fixing his laptop.  At the time,  I brought the bag into work and let co workers help themselves.

Gratin!!  Poutine!!!!

And yes, I have no issues lifting a 50 lb bag of potatoes at stb 60.

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Gratin, yes! Poutine, no! DH lets nothing touch his cheese curds except salt. lol

Same here at 55, thrice.

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I don't like poutine at all and I'm French Canadian lol

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OMG that is a lot of potatos.

Do you know how to make Potato Filling? You can make it and freeze it too.




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I'm bookmarking this thread. SO just made a garden and pretty much just put potatoes in it. I had to beg for more veg and he finally relented. I'll be need these recipes soon... and apparently straw lol!!!

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DPW, that straw business is all on DH. I told him the same thing goes if he puts in a garden. I'm the one who will have to cook, so he'll have to play farmer. (I loathe veggie gardening!).

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I loathe it too. I felt bad that I wasn't helping so I offered to handle the herb garden this year. That's all the gardening I've got in me.