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Why did you come here? What have you learned or gained? And where are you now in this thing called Steplife?

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I've been here 5 years and posters have come and gone and come back with new user names. With the last post and everyone coming together to defend 1 poster it made me think of how this place at one time in my life was my home my salvation some times. It's always been a great group.

So I'll start.

I hope no one else is parenting OUR kids!!! LMAO really BM! (no one else being me) Just a VENT!

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So after all was said and done and BM got her ass reamed out in court, this was all she could come up with!

First off you stupid pathetic sad excuse for a woman. I DO NOT want to parent your feral little animals. I have my own children who are excelling and thriving, and at 15 and 18 do not require much parenting just some guidance.

Parenting Plan Help!

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Long time no post. I am mostly disengaged and like it. SO has court on Friday and was told by the judge to come up with a parenting plan as the verbal between BM and him clearly isn't working. Basically BM stopped visitation based on false allegations made by SS11. Full on DYFS investigation, mind you DFYS NEVER advised against visits nor did they file any kind of emergency hearing to stop visits until the case was closed. BM just took it upon herself. Well after speaking DYFS they encouraged SO to file a motion to get his parenting time in writing. Which he did.

Long time no post! Does anyone out there in Stepland ever feel guilty for bragging about bios?

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Let me explain. SKIDS have an assorted box of issues from bad grades, lack of discipline, PAS, OCD, one is even on Zoloft and in therapy at 11 yo he is afraid to eat anything unless BM eats it first because he is afraid to die and wants to die with his mother. BM is BPD herself and has just started seeing a therapist and taking meds. She DOES NOT parent, Kids don't do homework she has NO control. SS's are 9 and 11 and if this continues, neither of them will end up going anywhere. OSS is already a lost cause he is going to end up in prison or a mental institution.

For amusement ONLY!

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I just read this and had to LMAO I thought I'd share again for your amusement ONLY! My advise, fuck that shit, fuck it all. Have a application made up that goes something like this.

Is you baby momma nuts?
If so, how do you deal with said nut job?

Are you kids well behaved or are they spoiled entitled brats?


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I am convinced BM has BPD. She exhibits almost all the symptoms and the ones she doesn't she has at some point in her life. She will never admit it or go for an official diagnosis, What I guess I am looking for is those of you with BM's who have this diagnosed or undiagnosed, how do you cope, or deal or keep as much crazy out of your lives as possible.

Amber Alert In DE

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Living in step hell tends to make my brain work a certain way. Am I the only one? As soon as I hear about a child/ren abducted by their father I automatically think, yea poor guy just snapped because he is dealing with a BM from hell who is hell bent on PASing, using the kid as a pawn for money or whatever. I can't be the only one can I?