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I hate calling Stalkers out, BUT Bsgoinon! Where are You?

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How was your trip to the east coast, how did ss do in his baseball tourny! and is meth mom staying under her rock.

Well hope all is well and you and your family had a good time in NY


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I was just thinking of Bsgoinon last night. It's been a year since we were in Cooperstown - I wanted to know how she did with all the change LOL

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LOL Here I am. Sorry, when I got back to CA, I switched jobs so I have been a little crazy over here. Kinda nice to be missed by ya'll though.

BM allegedly "Got Clean" while we were gone. Ha. She is renting a room for a cute little (innocent and about to be in for the ride of their life) couple in a town a bout 20 minutes away. On a ranch so she can have her precious dogs with her.

SS had a moment of weakness (which is to be expected, he is 12 and that is his mom) and talked to her on the phone for about 5 minutes the other day. Now she is acting like MOTY again. He has ignored her ever since and told me he doesn't want to see her on his bday (Saturday). She is blowing up all of our phones trying to get to see him. Sorry, he doesn't want to.

DH and I both ignore her. She text a few times when we were in Coop, none of us replied. SS included. WE didn't tell him not to. He just didn't. We aren't required to tell her when we land and all of that crap. So, we didn't. I'm sure if there were a plane crash, she would have read about it on FB.

Turns out, the couple that she is renting a room from, is an exboyfriend (but still friends with) my little sister. So... when my little sister and I put all the puzzle pieces together, she called them to let them know what they got themselves in to. Apparently the little wife was the only one that met BM, and as soon as hubby met her, he had all kinds of red flags going off. He could tell she is a "user". His conversation with my sister confirmed it for him. They aren't sure how they will handle it but they were appreciative of the heads up. She only moved in 2 days ago. We will see how they handle it. I feel bad for them.

Court was scheduled for next week, but now DH has to be out of town, so we had to postpone until the following week. Luckily we were able to get a date.

Cooperstown was every baseball fans cream! It is so beautiful and relaxing. Our hotel was right on a lake with canoes and paddle boards. DH and I had 7 days of US time. And it was wonderful. SS had the time of his life and didn't want to come home. His team did "ok". 36th out of 104 is what I was told. I thought they were 46th. So I dunno really. All that matters is, SS had a blast. And hit 2 dingers Smile

Thanks for checking on me ladies.

Oh wait, here's a funny little nugget for you... BM posted a picture of her and meth man on FB the other day. Her caption read "I love him". Her Aunt posted under that and said "But does he love you back". Took her 2 days to respond "I think he does". LOL... ok...? :?

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Thanks for the update lol. You're BM is a real pill.....BM got clean in the week you were gone. WOW that' some recovery time . I hope that couple can get her OUT before she scams them.

Happy SS had a great time and you and DH had so YOU time. Everyone in stepland knows its a MUST!

I am hoping for some myself sooner then later.