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I hope no one else is parenting OUR kids!!! LMAO really BM! (no one else being me) Just a VENT!

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So after all was said and done and BM got her ass reamed out in court, this was all she could come up with!

First off you stupid pathetic sad excuse for a woman. I DO NOT want to parent your feral little animals. I have my own children who are excelling and thriving, and at 15 and 18 do not require much parenting just some guidance.

Second of all if by parenting you mean expecting your feral children to use manners, be polite and act age appropriate then maybe you should try "parenting" because you've done a piss poor job of it so far. I do not discipline or punish SO's kids. If they are misbehaving I ask them to stop if they chose to ignore me as an adult well then it's up to THEIR FATHER to handle. If I see them doing something potentially dangerous or that may bring harm to them (running out into the street) then yes I will use whatever means necessary to make sure no harm comes to them. Even if it means YELLING their name to get their attention or grabbing them by a limb or piece of clothing. I would do this for any child. But hey there BM if that's your idea of parenting then hey sure I'll back off. Good Luck in continuing to raise feral unruly children can't wait to see how that works for you during those hellish teen years. Oh by the way don't call SO.


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So does on his weekends. She's just a nutter butter and needs to spew non sense out her mouth

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What I meant was lets assume he doesn't see them misbehaving. NO parent has eyes on their kids 24/7

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Actually, I'm curious what happened in court. What did the judge say to her? Did he/she accept your proposed parenting plan?

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They settled with a mediator. The order goes as far to say that both parties (BM) shall not discourage a relationship with the other parent. That both parties are to encourage the children to have a relationship with the other parent, you know all the typical stuff. But she was told by the mediator and then the judge if she deviates from the order in anyway the will be a problem.

She's terrified of court so like some of the other BMs I am pretty sure this will keep her on her best behavior.

The parenting plan was accepted!

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I deal with a BM who swears I want to take her place in SD9's life. She has herself convinced that I just love taking care of her kid. She constantly tells DH that I need to realize she is SD9's mother. I understand how you feel. I do parent SD9 b/c she lives with us full-time. Why does she live with us full-time? Because BM can't seem to wrap her head around the idea of keeping her kids clean and safe. If she would do the right thing, she wouldn't have to worry about me being such a big part of SD9's life.

I wish she would understand that I have 2 children of my own. I am not dying to take her kid away from her. I am perfectly happy just being the mom of my bios. SD9 doesn't call me mom or treat me like her mom. And, I don't ask her too. I ask her to respect me and the house rules. That's it. I know how frustrating it can be. I mostly just roll my eyes and laugh it off. She must be very insecure if she is so worried about someone taking her place.

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I have the opposite problem...hahaha
My SS's BM wants to push the YSS9 off on me every chance she gets.
OSS is the brain and MSS is the stud athlete golden child. YSS is just in her way of raising her super star older children.
I don't want to raise her child...I raised my own who are thriving. Why would I want her kid?

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Ugghh! My DH's Ex was always choosing one girl or the other to be her "pet". It was generally whichever one would make her look better to the public.

In fact, I know that's why DH got custody of his YD one year. The OSD was the prettier child. She liked to parade her around like a puppy for people to gush how "lovely" she was and how she took after her mother etc.

Later as the YSD grew out of her akwardness, mamma wanted HER to parade around. She was a cheer flyer and she was "made to do cheer" etc.. puke.

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LOL Don't you just LOVE it when the BM has the balls to ream YOU out on basically doing what a PARENT should do, when SHE can't even get HER sh*t together???

Example: I was tattle tailed (telled?) on last week by SD12, who told her mother that I wasn't feeding them - AFTER I gave them supper AND dessert AND a small snack a mere hour later! Stupid me, I'd told them that they had had enough for now.

So BM angry texted DH about me being a horrible C U Next Tuesday (a term I would NEVER, as a grown mature woman, use to describe another woman because I'm just that classy!) and not feeding her spoiled brats! Yet, she was the one who wanted us to keep them for ANOTHER week because SHE didn't have any food in the house...AFTER buying the 2 skids NEW LAPTOPS with the money she was supposed to use for her Hospitality course (you heard THAT right! in CUSTOMER SERVICE! What a JOKE! She dropped out, BTW - no surprise!).

Don't get me wrong, though - BM was misinformed by Little Miss "Give Me What I Want". She completely made up lies about me on an assumption - which, as you all know, made her an a$$...The whole time she was harrassing DH, I was just laughing because she looked like such a fool - all thanks to her Little Princess :/

So, tell me, WHO is the worst "parent"??

These deadbeat BMs need to really look at themselves in the mirror before they go cussing out the ones who are actually DOING things to keep their kids alive!