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Yay the inlaws are coming!

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MIL and FIL asked to have SD again this weekend. This time they offered to come pick her up and so they can see the other kids too. So nice of them to be willing to put up with having to feign interest in the other kids so that they can see SD. I'm sure it's not at all just because last time they asked for just her to visit with no thought at all to the other kids that DH ignored them.

Planning on being busy and having to leave for something as soon as they get there - for what reason idk yet - and as of right now DH says hes on board with that. We will see if he can stick to that and not cave and act like everything is fine as soon as they get there.

At least it will be an SD free weekend, although I'm sure there will be some form of BS when she gets dropped back off.


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How long will they stay? does it hurt your kids when they come and take SDaway? Or are they used ot it?

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When selfish sd has nothing to do with MIL because ot seems to me she's a manipulative user, I hope she tries with your kids and realizes it's too late and she missed out and then she can pull her poor me routine. 

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Its interesting that you say that, because that scenario has crossed my mind many times and seems likely. I could also see MIL keeping SD enticed with money though. I'm sure she will come back with a bunch of crap MIL bought her like usual.

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My SD20 threw me out like yesterdays trash when she no longer needed to manipulate me.  She used me to buy her things, to manipulate her dad if she wanted something. she works and can afford her own stuff and she doesn't need me to talk daddeee into things anymore cuz she's a grown adult.  SD will get a job and not need grandma as much.