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SIL contacts our friend again

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After FIL came to our house and assaulted DH this weekend, SIL immediately starting messaging our friends their version of the story (SIL tried messaging these friends, whom she barely knows, once before about us). Their version is FIL came to the door and told DH he wasn't there to fight, and just asked about SD and DH immediately flipped out on him. SIL said she "wasn't quite sure how it happened, but maybe DH came at FIL?" FIL said he had to grab on to DH to keep from falling because he had just had injections in his knees, which have both been replaced. And then supposedly DH kept punching him. Oh, and she had to throw in that I got in the middle of them and started yelling random b*llshit. SIL then mentioned she knows we have a camera so it should all be on there.

Our friend pushed back on her story a bit, and said she didn't know what FILs intentions were showing up at our house but obviously they weren't good. SIL started in on all the poor SD stuff, and friend pushed back on that too, including placing some of the blame for that on BM. When that didn't work, SIL started whining about DH saying mean things to her and then said she's worried were on drugs. Friend told her "yeah, no ones on drugs there" and then told SIL that their dad is on video throwing the first punch (I had sent her the video). 

I wish I could have been at the inlaws house to see their reactions to hearing FIL is on camera throwing the first punch. Even without it, their injuries didn't reflect FILs story. FIL had no marks on his face, and DH does.


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She's lying and she knows it.  This is a desperate attempt to alter the narrative.  They are now pouping themselves knowing it got caught on camera.

Does the cop have the video?  DH should INSIST they press charges.

I think your friend should decline to speak to any of them in the future, it's just feeding the drama frenzy.


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I agree, I know she was trying to help us out by finding out the details though and she stood up for us so I didn't say anything. I dont think SIL will be contacting her again after the pushback she got. 

And yes, the cop has the video. It's up to the county now to decide to press charges, but I know we can contact them and try to push it. If nothing else, DH is getting a restraining order himself.

I can just imagine how badly they're losing it. And they can't even take their anger out on us directly.

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They will try and gather allies to their false narrative.  In cases of assault many times the victim does not have a choice on whether or not charges are pressed.  In my case..once I had it one tape that my ex physically assaulted me...the DA took over and decided what charges were held against him. Your FIL could be looking at a felony.

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Yep, DH can't drop the charges if the county decides to pursue them (which we should be finding out about soon). It would be a misdemeanor, but FIL would lose his gun rights, which for him is the worst punishment he could ever face.

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No one has the right to come to your home.  The one you pay for, Live in hopefully in peace , and assaulted you.  That is the worst crime going.  It's on camber.  He should get some type of criminal charges . That goes on his record.  You need to get a restraining order against him ASAP. Like he has to stay 500 feet away at all times. 

I don't understand the. Decided to press charges.   He assaulted your DH. Charges must be pressed. It's your home he came to. This didn't happen in a bar 

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I agree. It's infuriating to me that he thought he had the right to force himself into our house and force DH to do what he wants and then assault him and scare my kids. 

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She might. It doesn't really matter much to me because they aren't even entertaining her crap really, she made it pretty clear (in a diplomatic manner) whose side they were on. And yeah, it really shows their arrogance and delusion that she thought that would do any good.

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We're waiting to find out from the county attorney. I dont know why they wouldn't because there's plenty of evidence. If nothing else we'll be getting a restraining order through civil court.

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These people have no shame...also, don't they realize that if you try to overcomplicate the story (e.g. injections in his knees, worried about drugs), it only makes it look like you are throwing darts, which seems dishonest (because it is) to anyone with a brain. 

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Haha, yeah thats what my friends husband (DHs best friend of over a decade) said. He read her story and right away said it seemed like too much. He really did have his knees replaced awhile ago, but I doubt he had injections in them on a Saturday morning. And you can see him walking just fine both coming and going. He also has probably 60 lbs on my husband.

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Assaulted a FEMALE, the county would not be "deciding" on WHETHER OR NOT to press charges.   Seems male on male violence is not concerning to them. 

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Honestly, what happened is way to similar to what to me with my abusive ex. They're losing control, trying to regain it and got so desperate it ended in assault. Trying to isolate him and get everyone to gang up on him. It is the same as the typical male vs female domestic violence cycle. Like someone said above, it's not like he was out at a bar and got into a drunken fight, he was at his house on a Saturday morning.

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This is what toxic people do...they flip the narrative to fit their idea of what happened.  Toxic MIL is the expert at this.  She has memory of an elephant, however she remembers it HOW she wants to and not necessarily even close to the truth.They get bullheaded stubborn in recounting 'events' as they want to remember them.

There is no winning....cutting them off is the only option. 

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Yeah...if they were going to get any better they would have already. They're all going to have to just cry and whine among themselves now since DH is getting a no contact order.