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Who's the liar?

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So SD was supposed to be in her room so the babies could nap since she wouldn't be quiet. DH told her to go in her room before leaving to go to the store (supposedly). I went downstairs and she was back out. I asked her if DH had told her she was supposed to be in her room. She said no. I called DH and asked if that was true and he said he had told her to take the dog in her room. SD told me that he did not say one single word to her and I recorded her saying this. I told DH this and he went ballistic. 

So question is, did he go ballistic because hes actually lying or because he is taking it out on me that she did?


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He's probably angry because you are pressing the issue and expect him to, uh, actually parent his kid. How bothersome.

I agree with Chzy. Since you apparently have no authority and your SO won't back you up, skid should be with daddee.

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Yep. He just blew up because I asked him if he said anything to her about it and said I wont just let things go and keep going in circles. Well, that's because he does nothing about it.

Pretty sure he just doesn't want to face the reality of the situation he never wanted to have in the first place.

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He went ballistic on you?

Why do you allow a spouse/partner to yell at you? You are not the child. You are not someone to be talked down to. You are an equal in your home. Chances are he lied to you for that to be his reaction- so now you have a lying, degrading, mean husband. That is more than I would personally deal with.