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They're really losing it

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After DH ignored FILs last text, he received this from his uncle a few days later:

DH, to think that you will not have nothing or anything to do with SD is totally disgusting.  I drove many miles from the Twin cities to spend time with (uncles daughter). Pretty sure the wife has you by the balls! Very sad also to know that your kids will not have the chance to spend time with her. She is welcome at our home down her at the lake anytime. Remember that what comes around goes around. You are a piece of work and if I see you in person again I will tell you so in public.  It will be my pleasure to do so.  So see you never again will be your best bet!

DH said this is the first time his uncle has ever contacted him by phone in his life. 


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Wow. Your in-laws really are nuts. This guy has no idea what is really going on and although, it would be tempting to set him straight, I don't think it would do any good to engage with any them.

I love how people come out of the woodwork to join the drama.

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That's the crazy thing is all of these people are getting involved that have absolutely nothing to do with it?! Normal people don't jump into others business like that. It makes me wonder how many other people they've tried to get involved that said no.

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"Uncle, to think that you actually believe that kind of crap is even worse."


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He has never heard that there are 2 sides to every story?

 This reminds me of Mr. Not so Neutral making hearsay allegations a while back and we had to set him straight.

 He looked like a codfish by the time we finished as his mouth was wide open.   It wasn't worth the effort however because people believe what they want to and he seldom comes around unless there is an ulterior motive.

 Not sure if it be a waste of time explaining things to him since he is so biased to begin with.     Something about casting pearls before swine.



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When DH presented MIL with evidence that was undeniable to counter her claims before she just dismissed it all. They have a narrative they want to stick to and I don't think there's any changing it.

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So the uncle who never calls him, never checks up on him, never checks up on your mutual kids, etc all of a sudden has an opinion about how your DH is parenting? How did Uncle become intimately aware of what is even going on? Is he boinking BM and that's how he knows everything?

What a waste of a text message on the uncle's part. Too bad this isn't the 90s when it would have cost him 10 cents a character. Maybe that would have made him think longer before sending.

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It's definitely coming from MIL. MIL was crying and whining once about a friend who she got in a fight with and told her she needed mental help (lol) and this uncle said that lady needed a "knuckle sandwich." As soon as I heard that I knew he was just like MIL. And a wannabe tough guy.

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I dont think she wrote it, it doesn't sound like her and this uncle lives like an hour away from her. But she definitely 1000% told him to do it and probably gave some directions on what to include.

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So sounds like they are the same person. Toxic to the extreme. I hope your DH doesn't fall for this BS.  Your bios deserve better! BM and all of DHs family is going to PAS her out... she basically is already.  

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I'd be tempted to text, "Good job getting both sides of the story."

I guess it depends on how much DH cares.

"SD is a child and she is welcome here as soon as she can abide by my rules...."  ETA: "...We don't allow children in our household to post videos to paedo websites."


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The thing is...I don't know how we can safely or peacefully have her here at this point? 

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How lovely that they're all bonding over this drama and vilifying your DH. He needs to cut them all off. That's what my DH has mostly done. I'm so sick of these know it all's telling us what to do when they have no idea what's really going on. SD isn't dumb, she knows what to say and how to act to get sympathy and everyone is eager to blame a dad and call him a deadbeat. 

In the end what do they want? For your DH to grovel to SD with big expensive grand guestures? Because it starts with separating you to meet, and it only gets more demanding from there. Once people paint themselves as the victim there is no changing it. 

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They want him to divorce me for a start. And then to go back to how it was before with just him and SD; and MIL getting to have all her holidays and running the show.

I should have DH text her we're getting divorced just to mess with her lmao.

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I hope you are recording these somehow for documentation, they sound the type to escalate.  Btw, you are not the A$$hole.    

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I told DH yesterday that I bet we'll end up with a restraining order by the end of the year. Idk how, but you can tell MIL is losing it and can't control herself. 

And thank you.

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Ignore and block. Let these people spin out of control on their own. 

I don't get how people think sending these kinds of messages will result in anything other than getting ignored or cut off. 

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They're clearly used to bullying people into getting their way. I wonder when one of them will have the balls to say something to me directly.

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Never. You don't have a role in the family other than the outsider / villain. You are also likely not seen as a real person in their eyes...just an obstacle to be removed on their quest to put your DH back in his place of serving all of them and repenting for his sins against SD forever as the sad, inferior being they believe him to be. 

My case is similar, but not as extreme. DH is the scapegoat of the family, so both MIL and BIL are always rude to him, under the guise of "love"...esp love for SKids, but DH's family also regularly says "I love you" to one another, even though they treat one another like crap. It's a mindf&%k for sure. 

Both BIL and MIL have said things to DH about how I'm the problem, but neither would ever dare say anything to me. And if they did, I would let them have it. Instead, they just do the fake friendly thing to my face. 

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I'm not sure they see anyone as a real person. For all the fake crap they spew about poor SD, they don't actually acknowledge how she thinks or feels about anything. I actually feel quite bad for her about that, even as the "favorite" she's really just more useful to them.

MIL doesn't give a f*ck about destroying relationships between all these people she supposedly loves either. I can't imagine living like that and I'm glad I'm not her, but at the same time I hope she's about to get what she deserves. 

It's interesting that the one they find sad and inferior is really the most successful. 

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The uncle and FIL are your narc MILs flying monkies.  MIL is feeling rejected. Agree with the advice to ignore and block.

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Well I hope FIL and his uncle feel stupid now that they weren't able to get a reaction with their tough guy acts either.