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SIL strikes again

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SIL (MILs flying monkey) posted a zoom link for their family's online Thanksgiving meeting. Guess who wasn't invited? Yep, DH and myself. She invited their entire family except us - distant relatives included. And then posted it on Facebook knowing DH would see it.

It's funny they think we would want to join them.


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She sucks.  That's all you need to know.

Just remember that she put an awful lot of emotional energy into trying to hurt you guys with a stunt you couldn't care less about.

Afford her the same pity you might for any other misguided soul if you must but certainly nothing more than a passing thought.  She doesn't deserve your heart or your head (nor that of your DH).

She's trying to quell her feelings of inadequacy by forcing it off on another, trying to put the weight of her hurt on your shoulders.  Feel free to decline by not giving her childish actions a second thought.


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You don't even have to make up an excuse.  Victory!

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But at the least you have an out, and can do your own thing guilt-free.

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Yup. I actually asked him the other day if the silence regarding Thanksgiving was passive aggressiveness or just because of covid. He said he thought covid, I assumed passive aggressiveness. I guess we know now.

We were already planning on just doing our own thing at home anyway.

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OMG what jerks.

No Christmas cards to them this year.

Time to block them from access to/from your social media.

What does DH say about this stunt? Does he suck it up all the time reciting, blood is thicker than water OR family is family OR that is just how they are???

Or will he say POUND sand.

I am sorry---(((HUGS))))


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He just sent me an eyeroll emoji and said nothing else regarding it. So not sure what he's thinking but I'm assuming he's just gonna ignore it.

Theres alot of background not included in this post, but there's been alot of favoritism towards SD9 and dismissing our youngest 2 sons. So "family is family" would be kind of difficult for him to say when they arent treating a 1 and 2 year old like family.

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Jcksjj, that is so childish of your SIL and MIL. It's ridiculous they are acting this way during an epidemic. Smh

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Rejoice! Can you imagine the sheer cost, time and effort required to set up an event like this with so many people attending? I would have a damn good laugh about it. While you're enjoying your nice, quiet Thanksgiving, spare a thought for those poor misguided souls who are sweating it out in an overcrowded kitchen LOL Glance around at your pleasant surroundings and raise a glass for those who will be spending hours cleaning up and washing up before the day is over.