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It's amazing

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It's amazing that it's been almost a year (I think) since the strictly 50/50 schedule and my anxiety still skyrockets sometimes on the Mondays that SD was supposed to be here after school. I'm not even thinking about it, but I guess my subconscious still knows.

Something to keep working on, I guess.

ETA: I just looked back through my text history and this week last year was literally the last full week we had with SD.


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Mine goes up when I hear the ring tone DH had years ago when he was in the middle of all the conflict with BM. This stuff is traumatizing!

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I still hate when I hear a phone go off in a store and it is the same text or ring tone as SD's. Its like nails on a chalkboard to me! 

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I don't think I'll ever get there since my new last name is her first name. When people call us "The Smith's" I gag cause I hate the name so much shhh don't tell DH.