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A change in perspective

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I had a change in perspective today on a couple recent things in stepland.

The first is that having SD here so rarely makes it much easier to have more compassion for her. When she was here half the time it never was enough time to get past one incident before there was another.

The second is that as annoying as BM is with trying to cause problems for us, it's really pathetic that that is her life. That she has literally no one else to spend Easter with besides her ex's sister who previously hated her. That she spends so much time and effort on causing drama for a couple of people who don't care about her at all. It would be a stretch to say I feel any compassion for her, but it is pretty sad.


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I'm glad for you!  Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.  I have more compassion for my SKs when I see them less, too.  I agree, your BM is pathetic, in the true sense of the word.  Our BM has died and I find Im more charitable towards her memory than when I was dealing with her issues daily.  

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She needs a hot new BF.

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I feel that way about BM, too. Now I can see what a sick person she is, and how desperate she was to hang onto control of SS out of fear.  That it really had nothing to do with DH, it was about her own pathology.  SS too. I know he was caught in the middle and just wanted to be out of there.