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Anyone else have skids always creeping?

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Anyone else skids constantly spying on everyone? She definitely does it the worst with DH, but its definitely not just limited to him. And it seems to be the most when DH and I are together. Walk in from the attached garage and surprise! There's skidly listening next to the door. Walk over to the stairs (split level house) oh there she is again listening to us again. 


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My formerSO's kid was a creeper. Drove me nuts and gave me the heebie geebies. I absolutely detest the feeling of being followed. 

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Having SD around makes me feel smothered and the constant need to be in everyone's business adds to it.

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One always tries to listen in to conversations between me and DH. I once caught him sitting outside our bedroom door. 

SSs know that our bedroom is off limits, so before they come to our house, I make sure any papers or mail are either hidden or in our room.

It’s not pleasant to feel like you’re being spied on in your own home. 

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Yup! I can guarantee you that my SD is way nosier than anyone else’s on StepTalk. She is INSANELY NOSY!!!

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My SD just always, always, always has to have her nose in everyone’s business. It’s SO VERY AGGRAVATING!

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Mine would come in a close second to yours then.  She is always eavesdropping and asking questions about what we are talking about.  Drives me crazy.  I tell her I wasn't talking to you.  DH says, "don't worry about it" but it never stops her.  

Not only is mine super nosey but she is also a lurker.  This past weekend when we had her every time her daddeee got up within seconds she was up walking around looking for him.  I can't have 5 seconds alone with him when we have her.  Every time I try to talk to him privately I turn around and there she is.  

Oh and she loves to gossip and tell everyone about everyone elses business.  I have tried millions of times to shut it down.  One time I had to tell her 3 times to stop telling me about her neighbor girl's business, stuff that was private, not likely stuff the little girl wanted the whole damn world to know.  The only time I have enjoyed her gossip is when she told us about BM shitting her pants, lol!  

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BM shitting her pants?! Hahahahahahaha... gross!

I would go crazy if my SD lurked and wouldn’t let me have time with my DH. He’d shut that down real fast! She does tend to be very suffocating with everyone - even my kids - and she doesn’t realize that people need personal space, so her dad will say, “Space. Give us/them some space, please.” Lol

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Lolol mine told me BM had zits on her butt once. That was when she was like 4 though, theres no way she would say something even slightly negative about her now.

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Mine says a lot of bad things about her BM. She makes fun of her for wearing wigs and she says she smells really bad. Lol

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LMAO, yeah, it is gross that BM shit her pants.  This actually happened on 2 separate occasions and SD told us both times.  DH even told BM that SD told us about it but BM won't shut down SD's sharing of business b/c she wants to know everything about our home!  

I do go crazy.  DH tried to excuse it b/c she doesn't see him that much.  EOWE and 1-2 times is enough that a 12 year old can back off!  I was never like that when my parents divorced.  I honestly dread our time with her b/c of her over the top lurking and attention seeking :/

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Skids used to be nosy but we told them to stop. Now they mind their own business and I make sure to tell DH that “we will have this conversation later when kids aren’t around” when they are standing right there listening 

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I love this idea! Next time SOs daughter walks in on us ( she’s not a creeper . More of a “she has to come right into the room we are in to see what we’re doing”) I’m going to say “we can talk about this later” if we are talking about something. 

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SD is super nosy and kept staring when we have private conversations. Felt like constantly being watched!

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Ugh, I can relate on the staring.  I hate it.  My SD is always staring at me.  Like she wants a reaction or she is trying to prove dominance.  I don't know but I started staring back and it finally made her super uncomfortable! LOL

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I tried staring back when we are alone. But when DH is there, I just avoid eye contact with her. Why my precious weekends have to be lived being watched >.<

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I do the same when DH is around.  I still feel her beady little staring eyes on me though.  I don't see how DH doesn't.  I think maybe if she does it with him around again I'll say, "are you staring at me b/c you need something?" LOL  

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My brat SD is like that. Sometimes we never know she's done it until bitch BM calls to "talk" or have a go at us about shit she shouldn't even know about. She even found out we were expecting our son before I even had chance to tell any of my family because of creeper SD. She had to have eavesdropped on our conversation through the bedroom door after she was supposed to be asleep, because that's the only time DH and I have any discussions about things we don't want to get back to BM. I'm sick of that brat reporting everything back to her mum as if it's either of their business. She does it to shit stir and create drama. We've had calls from BM asking if we're splitting up because brat went running to her mum because DH and I had a mild disagreement (wasn't even an argument). Went crying to mummy playing the victim so she could be centre of attention. I hate having no privacy in my own life or own home because I've constantly got this nosy, shit stirring little brat in my home.

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Yep, my brat SD does this also.  After EVERY damn visit we get harassing texts from BM about anything and everything like she just goes home and reports to mommy.  So annoying.  I think I'm just going to start having fake conversations on the phone with friends with crazy stuff (of course when DH isn't paying attention b/c he is in denial about his little angel being a pot stirrer) and see what happens from there, lol!

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You could have SO much fun with that! Remember to lower your voice so she'll think it's a secret and swallow it hook, line, and sinker!

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I am soooo doing this when SO's daughter is here next. I will talk quietly and in a different room and see if she hears me. I want to say something like her dad and I are going to Disney! That will set her off and it would be impossible for her not to say something! And I ll be all inncoent and say "What are you talking about?I wast alking about my friend and her husband going!" Ha and then call her out on how she could have even heard it.

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Pickles, that is perfect!!! OMG, I am so doing this too!  I'm thinking Hawaii though.  SD is already jealous that her mom is going to Hawaii without her.  I know my SD is ALWAYS eavesdropping and reporting back to BM.  

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We have Ring cameras and the SDs use it to see who is home and watch the live view EVERY DAY. I notice after I leave SD20 will check the camera to see that my car is gone before she comes downstairs. She also checks the cam to see if Im home before she comes home. She calls DH and says why are you home if she sees his work van. Whats wrong? Are you sick? What happened?Spied on with cameras constantly, its very invasive but its part of our alarm system.

SD 17 used to stand at the top of the stairs to listen to us. She has heard me say nasty(but true) things about her mom. I have to watch what I say in this house because I know it's wrong to trash the other parent. She also listens in on parts of conversations and misinterprets what is being said and then gets mad.

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We have a ring camera also but the kids arent aware of it. No way am I ever giving her access to that. 

I'm not sure what all SD has gotten out of our convos because she never says anything to us. I would imagine some very incorrect info has gotten back to mommy though. Its extremely difficult to be constantly on guard like that in your own house. I get it yeah that you shouldn't be saying bad things about her parent but I mean if shes creeping around listening when she shouldnt be that pretty different to me than going up to her and saying it. I'm sure BM wouldnt are it that way though.

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Ever see Fantasia?  The hippos and elephants doing ballet in tutus?

That's how graceful Killjoy is.

But she went though a phase where she'd come slithering into the family room on the floor when DH and I were sitting there watching tv, talking about nothing serious.

It seemed like she thought she was being stealthy and sensuous, like Catherina Zeta Jones in Entrapment.  She cocked her ear to the side to hear better.  I'm sure her inner monologue had her as the secret agent in some sexy spy drama.  She was about as subtle as a sledge hammer.  It was quite creepy.  Yes, Killjoy, we see you, you farking weirdo.

That and her sitting in the room across from me, just staring at me.  I can't prove it, but there were times at night my bedroom door was open one inch and I sensed she was peeking in from the hallway.

Everything that goes on at our house gets back to Satan.  Invasion of privacy is my number one pet peeve.  It's a common complaint here.

Three more weeks and the little pyschopath is kicked out.


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LMAO, at least this is comical and obvious that she was there.  I think my SD listens through walls and windows.