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My marriage wasn't supposed to be like this

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Been a while since my last post...

 I shouldn't have gotten involved with DH when I did. We didn't have an affair but we started seeing each other shortly after his divorce and married within the same year. Hindsight that was a mistake on our part. Though I didn't hold DH at gun point and force him to purpose, I can see why SD felt pushed out

I'm in a part time marriage and I fear my marriage maybe on the line

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it's been 9 years Since SD(17 then) had her following out with DH and moved with BM full time;hasn't spoken to DH since. There's a 17 year age gap between DH and I and  13 years gap between SD and I. I never tried to parent his daughter. I tried to be her friend and we got along great until she decided she hated my guts. She loved DH but hated me. I got involve with DH shortly after he left BM but we didn't have an affair. SD and I got along great. I only tried to help her become more independent but I guess it came off the wrong way.